Old Hardware is Bad

Had some router problems this evening. We were without net access for about 45 minutes or so I think. I was gone most of the time. I had just upgraded to linux kernel 2.4.31 on the router. It’s an old HP VectraXW box with 2 PentiumPro 200mhz processors. Anyway, it boots funny and only boots certain ways. I made my typical syslinux boot disk out of my new kernel and rebooted, and walked out the door.

The disk happened to be bad, somehow. I had just used it not even a month ago. Luckily I had a disk in my car from work the other day. Booted the router off my slackware 10.1 disk and re-created the syslinux bootdisk using the newer floppy. Fortunately I was able to boot the new kernel off that disk.

I wish I didn’t have to use floppies. I dun like saying it. I need to go to the ISU surplus sale some Wednesday and pick up a slightly newer pc for a router. I got the database server for our freezer in the warehosue there for $60. They don’t have many, if any, SMP machines.


Well, now what?

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4 thoughts on “Old Hardware is Bad

  1. Tyler,

    Just the other day I ran into the original manuals for one of the HP Vectra XW machines. Maybe having the original manual would help! (Ha)


  2. You should hang on to that manual. Maybe it’ll be worth something in another 20 years. I’ve been using that VectraXW for a long, long time.

    When I was still living at moms and in high school, it was my web server and general linux box. It’s been a router for the last 2.5 years of it’s life. I’m not sure if I still have the original. I gave one of them away to a buddy’s grandparents.

    I would just get a regular router from BestBuy or staples or something, but I love having the ability to measure how much traffic flows through the router. It’s also nice to have a seperate linux box for a router for firewalling purposes. I also like to watch packets flow from the internet to my LAN on the router.

  3. Watching them with tcpdump. I like seeing what connections are being made to me, and on what ports.

    I rarely see connections that shouldn’t be, but it’s still interesting to watch. Sorta like Matt, one of the WordPress developers, watching the blogosphere in realtime. I’d really like to watch what’s he’s showing in that picture…


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