Old Hardware is Bad

Had some router problems this evening. We were without net access for about 45 minutes or so I think. I was gone most of the time. I had just upgraded to linux kernel 2.4.31 on the router. It’s an old HP VectraXW box with 2 PentiumPro 200mhz processors. Anyway, it boots funny and only boots certain ways. I made my typical syslinux boot disk out of my new kernel and rebooted, and walked out the door.

The disk happened to be bad, somehow. I had just used it not even a month ago. Luckily I had a disk in my car from work the other day. Booted the router off my slackware 10.1 disk and re-created the syslinux bootdisk using the newer floppy. Fortunately I was able to boot the new kernel off that disk.

I wish I didn’t have to use floppies. I dun like saying it. I need to go to the ISU surplus sale some Wednesday and pick up a slightly newer pc for a router. I got the database server for our freezer in the warehosue there for $60. They don’t have many, if any, SMP machines.