My toes are pretty numb right now. It’s fairly chilly here today…supposed to reach a high of around 11 degrees.

It snowed quite a bit lastnight. I drove Ashleys car to my place lastnight so we could pick my car up. Brad’s dad was clearing our driveway with his snowblower when we got there. My car took a lil bit of work to get started.

When we were leaving, Ashleys car got stuck in my driveway. Her car sucks ass in the snow. There was barely any snow on my driveway, but there was a pretty thick sheet of ice under the snow. Her tires went right down to the ice. Her tires are also really worn down, not good for winter driving. The car is also rear-wheel drive.

My car is about 1000x better in the snow than her car. Her’s is off limits until the snow is cleared off the streets. The city of Nevada is taking their sweet ass time doing that job.

I had to shovel quite a bit this morning to get my car out of Ashleys parking lot. The snow plows piled snow up right behind my car. There was probably 4 foot of snow drifts on both sides of my car. Much shoveling was needed if I was gonna drive to work. I got out without any problems. Some guys were parked next to me, and they couldn’t get their truck out…one was out shoveling @ the same time I was…I should helped them.