Not voting

I decided I’m not going to be voting next month. Why? Because I don’t want to. And because I’m sick of being pressured to vote. If any more of those fucks come up to me and ask if I’m registered and if I’ve voted yet, I will kill them…zero hesitation.

Who the fuck do these people think they are pressuring people to vote? If someone dun wanna vote, they don’t have to. I’ve had at least 5 encounters with these people. I can’t remember what organization they’re with, but I need to find out.

They don’t just ask if you’re registered to vote. They PRESSURE you to fill out absentee ballots while they stand there! One even offered to take it with her if I filled it out right then and there. If shit like this happens in 2008, I’m leaving the country.

Get a life you stupid ass holes. Quit forcing your opinions on other people! Our votes don’t matter anyway…ever heard of the Electoral College? Last I knew, the Electors weren’t required to vote the way their constituents vote. It’s suggested that they vote in favor of their constituents, but aren’t required to. So, in my opinion, it’s really up to the Electors in the Electoral College.

Democracy doesn’t really exist here anymore.