North Korea

So, North Korea finally admitted to having nukes. Big deal. Their reasoning for having them is for “protection” from Bush’s offensive tactics. I think they should be allowed to have them. Who the fuck are we to tell them they can’t? They’re not a democratic country, so fuck it.

I think it’s good of them to keep some for protection. Bush wants N. Korea to get rid of their nukes, if they don’t, he’d like to attack them. If I was N. Korea, there’s no way I’d give up my nukes. I mean, they’re for protection from America essentially. If we don’t antagonize them by pressing them to get rid of their nukes, we’ll all be fine. They wouldn’t have a need for nukes for “protection” if they didn’t see Bush as such a threat. It’s no different than the U.S. building nukes to protect us from the “terrorists”, which I believe more and more is my own government.