North Korea

So, North Korea finally admitted to having nukes. Big deal. Their reasoning for having them is for “protection” from Bush’s offensive tactics. I think they should be allowed to have them. Who the fuck are we to tell them they can’t? They’re not a democratic country, so fuck it.

I think it’s good of them to keep some for protection. Bush wants N. Korea to get rid of their nukes, if they don’t, he’d like to attack them. If I was N. Korea, there’s no way I’d give up my nukes. I mean, they’re for protection from America essentially. If we don’t antagonize them by pressing them to get rid of their nukes, we’ll all be fine. They wouldn’t have a need for nukes for “protection” if they didn’t see Bush as such a threat. It’s no different than the U.S. building nukes to protect us from the “terrorists”, which I believe more and more is my own government.

  • antonio

    fuck you, you communist. stay out of politics you ignorant liberal, terrorist supporter. its dum asses like you that make the u.s. look weak, which we are not. we are the police of the world, and the life line for many countries.

  • My outlook on politics has change quite dramatically since this post. I think you and I would agree on a great number of topics, including North Korea. This post a few months after this one demonstrates.