North Korea Nuke Test

Take Back The News pointed the way to this CNN article about North Korea prepping for a possible underground nuke test. I think I might have seen this on Fark yesterday, but I didn’t bother reading the linked article. This is from CNN:

The U.S. intelligence community is monitoring what appears to be preparations by North Korea to conduct a nuclear test, a Defense Department official told CNN Friday. But the official strongly emphasized that it is unclear whether the activity is real or deceptive.

The official said there are indications of North Korea “digging holes and then filling them up with dirt” and that such activity is suggestive of underground test preparations.

But he added, “The North Koreans are letting the U.S. see what they want us to see.”

The official could not say whether there were any indications of a nuclear device or weapon being placed in any of those holes. The U.S. military and intelligence community have long tracked North Korean deception programs and is aware that North Korea may undertake some activities to deceive U.S. spy satellites.

Personally, I think North Korea should have been the first target in “the war on terror”, but it wasn’t.