No More Lighters

Lighters have now been banned from passenger flights. You can have up to 10 backup match books though, they have to be in your carry-on. Why do they let people take stuff that could be “dangerous” on their carry-on? They have more access to it that way. I think they should just make people put their lighters, knives, and nail clippers in their checked luggage, that way they can’t access any of those items while in flight.

And what’s someone gonna do with a lighter? Light my ass on fire? I sure hope so. But seriously, what life threatening damage could be done with a simple Bic lighter? I guess it could be punctured and possibly persuaded to explode. It could also be filed down to resemble an ice-pick, which could be used to gouge eyes.

I’m sure these items can’t be checked because they could be fitted with a remotely detonated explosive or some bull shit like that. I could also have 3 sticks of dynamite up my ass though…

I swear to god, some people need to learn how to use their brain in a more efficient manner. I think my logic above makes pretty good sense. To me, letting people put “dangerous” items such as nail clippers, lighters, and pocket knives in their checked luggage makes much more sense than just outright banning everything that could be used in anyway as a weapon. But that’s just what me and a lot of other Americans think. But our opinions don’t matter anymore.

Update: I heard about this on the news this morning before going to work. I then proceeded to read this article:

It states that lighters are the only item totally banned from airplanes. Items like guns and knives can be stored in checked luggage. Lighters are a no-no everywhere though for some reason. And their reasoning for not having lighters in checked luggage does make sense.