NewsWeek Riots

I heard this on FoxNews yesterday morning. I’ve been following it at The Jawa Report since then basically.

Actually this is being hinted at in a few different places, but let’s make it explicit:

Newsweek ran a story based on mistaken information about flushing a Koran. As a result of their mistake, people died and America’s reputation suffered abroad.

George Bush invaded Iraq based (in part) on mistaken information about WMD’s. As a result of his invasion, people died and America’s reputation suffered abroad.

Of course, Iraq did have WMD production capabilities, they did sponsor terrorism, they did violate UN resolutions and international law, they did prosecute a genocide against the Kurds and killed thousands upon thousands in a nightmarish totalitarian state. And Iraq now has a fledgling democracy. And America clearly demonstrated its resolve to avenge the attacks of 9/11. But all that’s not important right now.

What is important: Newsweek did exactly what the left accuses Bush of doing. Can the left defend Newsweek without implicitly defending Bush as well?

The fact that they riot over something NewsWeek said makes me laugh. I thought all those people were against the american news media. I thought they hated corporate american and everything it stands for. But when NewsWeek says something about their Koran, they riot. What happened to not caring about western news media? You shouldn’t even be listening to NewsWeek in the first place, it’s a western publication! This just goes to show that nobody can resist the power of the american news elite. Not even the jihadists that kill babies daily. 🙂


Well, now what?

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One thought on “NewsWeek Riots

  1. They’d kill anyway, this just gives them some sick form of an excuse.

    As they say, religion has killed more people in the history of this world than anything else.


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