NewsAlloy Down and Out

My favorite RSS feed reader, NewsAlloy, is down for an unknown amount of time. This message is currently being displayed on the NewsAlloy home page:

Unfortunately our HDD was full today. And unexpectedly we have to start moving tables again.

Bad thing that we do not have any sponsor or investor and News Alloy is running only for cost of its creator(s) 🙁 .

We ARE STRONGLY LOOKING FOR PEOPLE that may help us to rasie this project to new level and help with new hardware and hosting.

Please excuse us for inconvenience.

Scheduled startup time September 6, 13:00 GMT.

The lead developer says their server costs are between $2000 and $2500 USD per month. I hope this service does indeed make a comeback, because it’s the best web based feed reader IMO. I’m all for donating money, but I feel we’ll just be back in this boat again in another few months.

Perhaps I should offer my English language services to the developers. I think they’d get more assistance if they were better able to communicate with those likely to invest money.


Well, now what?

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