New Year

Yay! It’s 2005. I didn’t do anything too special for the new year.

It rained ice most of the morning here today. It was great. We’re supposedly gonna get 10-12″ of snow tuesday through wednesday this week. I dunno if I believe it though, the weather people here seem to be off lately.

Work is crazy. Now that we’re through the holiday season, people are starting their diets up again. Which is good news for us, nevermind the huge influx of orders catching us a little off-guard.

No-ip’s service is again restored. They were experiencing some sort of DoS attack that knocked down their mail servers for a while yesterday. is gone for good everyone. I wasn’t a user of the site. It sucked in my opinion. Suprnova is releasing eXeem soon, their new software. It’s some sort of mesh between BitTorrent and Kazaa I’m afraid. I dun expect I’ll like it too well…