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I changed the WordPress theme for this site. I didn’t really like the looks of the old one anymore and it had this funky thing going on at the very top of the page. There was a little white space at the top that I could’t get to go away. I’d seen this theme in use a few places and really liked it.

The theme I’m using now is Almost Spring by Beccary. I modified the colors a bit, but that’s basically it. I didn’t want to have the default greenish look that others use. I don’t know how satisfied I am with these colors, but they’ll do for now. I have this awesome color selecting site bookmarked at work, so I may decide to change colors a bit. I can’t find the site now that I’m at home, so I just randomly picked similar colors I guess.

Anyone have any thoughts on the new theme?


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3 thoughts on “New Theme for Me

  1. I like the new theme.

    I also thought about changind to wordpress rfom blogger. I just have gotten so used to blogger now and I’m still editing the template slowly. I guess when I get done with that I might move over and then start messing with wordpress. But you like wordpress? Have you ever used Blogger? And I think you can do more things with wordpress, like feature wise and plugins than you can with blogger… am i right?

    O and does that color selector site give you the RGB (or RBG ? oops) and hex value for colors?

  2. ooo and one more…. lol

    I use’s toolbar for firefox to store my bookmarks. They are saved to your account so you can just use the toolbar (for IE or firefox) or login to their site and have access to and add/edit bookmarks.

  3. I’ve never used Blogger. I just recently switched to WordPress from a homebrew system. WordPress is very nice. I can’t imagine using anything else now.

    There’s tons of awesome plugins @

    Editing the look of themes is really easy too as long as you have basic CSS knowledge.

    I found that color site too:

    I forgot I had remote desktop setup on my box at work, so I was able to find the link. I’m glad I keep a Windows machine around home so I can make use of it.


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