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I wrote about the Technorati beta a while ago. Well, it’s finally come out of beta and is now acting as the main Technorati page. I really like the new site, very pretty. The Technorati Weblog announced the new site yesterday.

They have a list of new features and changes in that post. I would mention some, but you should just visit the Technorati Weblog announcement.

New Links says last time Technorati switched sites, the entire service was broken for a while. The Blog Herald points out that the new design brings a much needed modern look.

And on another note, the actual Technorati site seems to be going really slow. I noticed that sometimes even with their old site. I can’t imagine this new site will speed things up much. I wonder what the cause of the slowness is. It’s really bad sometimes.

  • Yeah, the new design is definitely a step in the right direction. Sleek and looks ultra-modern too!

    By the way, I was wondering what plugin are you using for tagging?

  • Azmeen, I’ve been using Bunny’s Technorati Tags.

    I don’t suggest using them though as there’s better tagging solutions now. Bunny’s tags won’t allow spaces in tags as the individual tags are seperated by spaces when you make a new post.

    I’ve heard that Jerome’s Keywords plugin is quite good for tagging.

  • Ah ha! That’s what I thought too. I’m using Bunny’s as well, but with a minor hack to add support for spaces. I did submit a suggestion ticket about it a while back, but I guess steph’s a little bit busy at the moment.

    Anyway it’s just about changing one line (line 105, assuming you’re using version 0.43 like me) from:

    $tag_link=’‘ . $tag . ‘‘ . $separator; // make a link to the technorati tag page, with tag link text


    $tag_link=’‘ . str_replace(“+”, ” “, $tag) . ‘‘ . $separator; // make a link to the technorati tag page, with tag link text

    So in the Tag field when posting, just type the+phrase to tag “the phrase”. Hope this works for you 🙂

  • Uh oh… I messed up my post.

    I think you should take a look here for the minor hack.

    Just email me if you have problems, I’ll try to help 🙂

  • I grabbed the modified bunny-tags.txt off your site Azmeen. Worked quite well. 🙂 I apprecaite it.

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