New Sublime Text Theme Predawn

Flatland-Alt, Renamed and Improved

Flatland-Alt creator, Jamie Wilson, informed that he released a new SublimeText theme, Predawn.

Predawn is actually a new and improved, renamed version of Flatland-Alt, but still sticks with the dark interface. Here’s how Predawn describes itself in it’s GitHub repo.

Predawn is a minimal Sublime Text theme and a syntax color scheme. It was originally just a slightly tweaked version (called Flatland-Alt) of the Flatland theme, which itself is a flat reworking of Soda. I decided to keep going with cusomization and rework the entire theme. But I owe a lot to Flatland and Soda. Thanks guys!

Predawn can be installed via Package Control and activating the theme is pretty standard:

"theme": "predawn.sublime-theme",
"color_scheme": "Packages/Predawn/predawn.tmTheme"

There’s some other options regarding the sidebar size that you can set as well. It even includes some really nice looking dock icons for SublimeText.

Jamie also included his favorite SublimeText configuration, there’s definitely some things he’s using that I should be.

Give Predawn a try. If you’re a fan of Flatland or Flatland-Alt, you’ll love Predawn.