New Sublime Text Theme: Brogrammer

A flat & sexy Sublime Text theme. Pushups not included.

Brogrammer is a new Sublime Text theme from Ken Wheeler. It’s awfully nice to look at, and use. I’ve been using it for the last couple of days and have enjoyed it, and it’s included Brogrammer color scheme.

Brogrammer is on GitHub and can also be installed via Package Control. After you’ve installed it, either from GitHub or with Package Control, activate it by replacing the theme and color_scheme parameters in your user preferences file with the following:

  "theme": "Brogrammer.sublime-theme",
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Brogrammer/brogrammer.tmTheme"

I tend to keep a pretty close eye on GitHub and Package Control for new Sublime Text themes. I’ll post more as they pop up. Always nice to change things up.