New Flickr Still Sucks on Android

I wrote a post a couple months ago asking Flickr why they can’t add automatic photo upload to their Android app. Today, Yahoo made a lot of updates to Flickr, along with their purchase of Tumblr, but that’s a whole other story.

The new Flickr Android app interface is definitely better than it was. But it’s still missing the one key feature that it needs, and that’s automatic photo uploading. Dropbox does it, Google+ does it, there’s even third party apps to do this with Flickr, even though none seem to work any longer.

I managed to kind of sync my phone photos to Flickr. It involves using Ifttt, copying my photos to a specific public Dropbox folder, and telling Ifttt to send all photos in that folder to Flickr. Not the best solution but it’s all I’ve got for now.

Yahoo, please, please add automatic photo uploading in the next version of your Android app. I’m literally begging you. Flickr is supposed to be the place that ALL my photos end up, but that can’t be until you implement automatic photo uploading.

I’ve been a Pro member for at least 7 years. The least you can do is hook me up with a much needed feature. 🙂


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One thought on “New Flickr Still Sucks on Android

  1. Compared to the old flickr, I think that this new flickr looks live vomit. It looks SUPER crappy when it combines vertical and horizontal images in the same row. They really needed to do a better job with that, and hopefully they will. They could have spent some more time working on making the UI a lot cleaner instead of this vomit they made that seriously almost makes me puke everytime I look at it.


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