Netflix Download Service

The Hacking Netflix blog has screenshots of a supposed movie downloading system from NetFlix. Below is a little of what they have to say.

I just noticed in my account info page, there is a section for “Netflix Player” with a link to “Register Player”. If I follow the link, there is a form to “Add a Netflix Player”, and it asks for “Registration ID” and “Name your box”. I haven’t noticed this before. I wonder if this is a new service that they are rolling out. Could this be something to do with movies-on-demand? Or do they have a netflix-branded movie player of some kind? Interesting….

You can see the screenshot on their site. It’s good to see some companies are getting ready to offer downloadabale movies. I was skeptical if this would ever happen, looks like it’s gonna though. I wouldn’t distribute movies via this method simply due to security concerns. It’s only a matter of time before someone figures out how to download movies from them without paying.