My Most Used Sublime Text Themes, And A New One

Without a doubt, Soda and Spacegray. If you’ve ever used Sublime Text 2 or 3 then you’ve probably heard of Soda, and maybe even Spacegray. Both are solid themes with great looks.

Soda’s alternate tab style and folder icons in the sidebar are what keep me using Soda on and off. Every now and then I try something new. Mostly, however, I use Soda and Spacegray. The included color schemes alone make Spacegray worth installing, IMO.

Lately, the last week at most, I’ve been using itg.flat. It’s a new-ish, flat theme and I’m pretty in love with it. The first commit was made to Github on December 2, 2013, so it’s just a month old. I do wish the “small tabs” were a little smaller, but, I do really like the sidebar folder icons. itg.flat comes with dark and light variations, and includes dark and light color schemes, as well.

itg.flat is being actively updated on Github, too, the last update was eight days ago. Spacegray is very active as well, with an update two days ago, but Soda hasn’t seen an update in about five months.

One screenshot of each theme below. I’m using the Spacegray color scheme, base16-ocean, in each of the screenshots, just because that’s about the only color scheme I use.







Which do you prefer? Spacefunk, Soda, Spacegray, itg.flat, Flatland, or Flatland-Alt?

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14 thoughts on “My Most Used Sublime Text Themes, And A New One

  1. I like a variant of Soda – Soda Dark. Gives me the nice dark background, but more black/gray-based than blue.

      1. I did, and actually meant to comment there, but forgot I clicked one of the related posts below :/.

        Good to see another Android/Nexus fan from the DN Community ( I think that’s how I wound up here). Seems like we’re few and far between.

    1. Hey, Wade – author of Glacier here. Thanks for your support! I’m glad you enjoy it. I’ve got a few updates coming and am about to start working on a port for Github’s Atom (

      1. Hi, Joey. Got another upcoming post including your glacier theme. I’ve been using it lately after Wade pointed me to it.

        Gotta get my hands on the Atom beta!

        1. Thanks, Tyler! I appreciate the exposure. It’s unfortunate ST’s theme authoring documentation is so sparse… there are tons of details I’d like to add.

          If I get more invites for Atom, I’ll send one your way.


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