My Hero

This dude is seriously my hero. I wrote about the eminent domain ruling yesterday. Anyway, Logan Darrow Clements is seeking to build a hotel on Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter’s property.

Logan, thank you. I hope you succeed in getting your hotel up. I hope some other people make similar attempts with the other supreme court justices. Let them see how it feels. Perhaps they forgot this would open them up to the same type of thing. I’m still really pissed off about the eminent domain ruling in general.

These bastards don’t understand anything without pressure being applied. Maybe Logan will cause them to re-think their ruling. They shouldn’t have even come to the conclusion they did. What Logan is doing shouldn’t be necessary. Private property is private. Giving government the ability to take property goes against everything I thought the U.S. stood for. But, like I’ve said before, this government isn’t ours. It probably never will be. I have a feeling most top government positions are already decided, for the next 50 years at least. Most positions going to family members of current politicians. It feels like they are trying to not let any new blood in to Washington to make decisions. I dunno why letting new people have power is a bad thing. Change is good.

Maybe I need to get a tinfoil hat…errr, body suit. Anyway, Eric Ragle has the entire press release on his site. The original press release can be found here. I first saw this on GOP Bloggers this afternoon while printing orders @ work. Didn’t get around to writing about it then though.