My First WordPress Theme: Unwakeable

You may have noticed the additional page up at the top. It’s home to my WordPress theme, Unwakeable. Unwakeable is basically K2 with the Unsleepable header.

It’s currently built off K2 0.9.1. I plan on keeping this theme in sync with all changes made to K2. So, when you see a new release of K2, expect a new release of this theme soon after.

This theme works with a wide range of plugins by default. The following plugins work by default with this theme, in addition to those already supported by K2:

  1. Digg Integrator
  2. WP-PostRatings
  3. WP-PostViews
  4. WordCount
  5. WP Admin Bar

This is NOT a style for K2. I’m releasing Unwakeable as a totally separate WordPress theme. One thing you should note is that this theme will inherit all the options you set for K2 in the K2 options page (assuming you were using K2 previously). Unwakeable make use of the same database options used by K2.

If you want a custom header graphic, check out Ben’s tutorial. Please let me know if you come across any problems with this theme, there are likely some things I missed.

In a related side note, added two new themes for users to choose from. They added Unsleepable and a stripped down K2. Coincidence? Definitely. Now would be the perfect time for to add Unwakeable, the combo Unsleepable/K2 theme. 🙂

You can download Unwakeable here or from the official Unwakeable page.

UPDATE: As the comment below says, Ben released Unsleepable 2.0. I’ll be updating Unwakeable within the week to include the new stuff from Unsleepable.