They’ve got a little bit of a problem on their hands. Namely with the Bittorrent community. They are bringing lawsuits against operators of sites such as,, and What they fail to understand, is none of their movies are actually on any of those servers.

All these websites have/had disclaimers explaining that there’s not actually any copyrighted materials stored on their servers. Just meta files that can fetch the copyrighted material for you, via BitTorrent.

These lawsuits greatly disturb me since the site operators aren’t doing anything illegal. They do make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for, but the individuals downloading the copyrighted material are the one who should be sued, not the site operators.

Below are some links to letters from the MPAA to the hosting provider. If I was a hosting company, there’s no way I’d turn over the info the MPAA is requesting.

Anyway, here’s links to copies of the letters: