Moving To FlipHost

This site now sits on a server at FlipHost. I got a Storage250 server from them and added some RAM, and here we are. It’s really a pretty nice setup.

Pretty much everything I’ve setup I’ve done according to guides from Linode. Most of the guides in the Linode Library should apply at least somewhat to FlipHost.

This site was previously on Dreamhost, but there’s been a LOT of downtime there recently, a whole lot. Yah, I just linked to 6 posts from that were posted from May 12 through May 17. Crazy.

FlipHost wooed me on twitter and so far I’m really, really glad that they did.

I’ve already canceled the one VPS that I had at Dreamhost. May keep the shared account around for some other sites, but may end up moving absolutely everything to FlipHost. I haven’t really decided yet.