More Speed!!!

I went home for lunch and reset my cable modem. I downloaded the latest 2.6 linux kernel from at about 580kb/sec. Upload is still the same unfortunately

So, it appears that as of right now, the speed upgrade for Mediacom is in effect in Ames/Nevada, Iowa. I am going to call Mediacom tonight about the 10/1 package to see if it’s available yet. Someone on the BroadbandReports Mediacom forum said it’s not ready yet. I’m gonna see for myself anyway.

Either way, 5Mbit down is nice to have. I’m looking for ISO’s to download right now. I’m gonna see what kinda speeds I get from They have some slackware ISO images I think.

Below is a screenshot of the kernel download.
Yay!  More Speed!


Well, now what?

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One thought on “More Speed!!!

  1. Makes me so jealous… I still only get about 60 kb/s down, and half of that for upload… so terrible…



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