More Daylight Saving

Assholes! Why do they insist on making daylight saving longer?

Daylight saving time will be extended a total of 4 weeks in 2007. If Bush signs the bill he’s expected to sign today. “Newswriter” at What It Is Today thinks this will actually make energy costs higher, exactly opposite of the intended effect of the bill. He’s probably not far off.

Even if oil doesn’t get more expensive due to the DST extension, the cost of upgrading various software pieces will be quite expensive. It could be argued this would have a positive impact on our economy. Creating a surge of hiring in IT departments.

There’s basically an infinite number of things that could happen though. No matter what though, some pieces of software will need fixed. The last time DST was changed was in 1987. You can always manually set the time, but that’s no fun.

It’s expected this will save 100,000 barrells of oil for every day that DST is in effect. Adding one month onto DST will save us roughly 1% on oil costs. So basically it won’t be noticed by anyone that actually buys oil products. Some of these asshats need to start thinking before they do something. And they should really start listening to the people they were elected to represent.

The Barking Moonbat headline for this really cracked me up. Congress Screws Up Technology. Geek News Central has a pretty good summary of how this could affect devices from VCR’s to mobile phones.

Bottom line is this won’t help the average american citizen at all. It’ll just create a pain in the ass for a lot of people.

UPDATE: I can’t believe I forgot. Peter Jennings died yesterday at the age fo 67. I loved watching him when I was younger. I stopped being able to watch him many years ago it seems like. I read of his death on Fark lastnight around midnight. I’m usually pretty critical of the media and people in the media. Jennings seemed like he made more of an attempt to be fair and un-biased than most reporters. MaxSpeak has an interesting note about what Jennings said about 9/11 and those involved.