More Cable Updates

The guy that owns our apartment building called me back this morning. He went over and checked the cable box. The Mediacom tech that came out seemed to think the cable goes into the utility room. The cables coming out of the cable box go straight into the apartments it looks like to me. Kim, the owner said he saw the same thing I did. The cable guy also claimed the utility room door was locked. I went to try to open is lastnight and it opened just fine. I did have to tug on it a little bit, but it was definately open.

I called Mediacom again today and told them they need to get a tech out to see me right away. The lady I talked to said she added me to some list. She also said someone would hopefully call me today. Luckily I still have the first tech’s cell phone number. I am gonna start saving all their numbers from when they call to see if I’m home. The guy that was there on Wednesday said a tech would be in Nevada today…I guess I’m not important enough or he’s real busy…