Monkeys in Aruba

Red, the only Scared Monkey I’ve had a conversation with, is going to Aruba to assist in searching for Natalee and will also be reporting live.

I haven’t really written much about Natalee Holloway, I guess it never really interested me. Lastnight though, I flipped over to Fox News for a bit and of course they were covering the story. At the time, there was a camera crew watching some guys drain a pond in Aruba. It had to be around midnight in Aruba at the time. I couldn’t stop watching that. Obviously they had a pretty good clue something was down there as they wouldn’t have bothered to drain the pond if there wasn’t. Especially at that time of night. It looks like this guy knew about the pond being drained before FoxNews even did. Way to go!

Hyscience is reporting that Natalee could possibly in Venezuela. I could believe that as it’s not too far from Aruba and the rest of the Netherland Antilles (50 to 100 miles maybe?). They’ve got a whole bunch of links to related items, lots of those links going to Scared Monkeys.

I just can’t believe how much Scared Monkeys has grown. I started reading them a couple months before the Natalee Holloway thing started. Their site is now being cited in major publications and Red or Tom even appeared on Fox News once I think…

I linked once above, but Dan at Riehl World View says Jug Twitty (Natalee’s step-father) thinks this is going to be a big week in the investigation. I’d say so as the FBI now has a bigger say in the investigation.


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