It looks like the grsecurity kernel patch is back for a while…they ended up pulling in a few sponsors. It made me feel good to see the companies that use grsecurity supply some money so grsecurity can continue to be developed.

Also, I’ve been interviewing for a job at Moms Meals. I originally applied for a managerial position with them, but when I went in for an interview it turned out they needed a computer guy. It sounds like they have some big changes planned for their IT stuff. They talked like they wanna have me be the IT Director for a few months and then later on bring someone else in to be the “real” IT director. The other person would be used for planning and that type of stuff, and my job would then become doing all the programming and system administration. The programming and system administration is something I’d rather do anyway, they better not cut my wages…assuming I get the job. Last time I talked to Ernie, he said he still had to check my references and wanted to get me in there ASAP.

DJ Pi should be releasing Trance Empire Vol 9 sometime this week. Again, he’s just waiting for the cover art to get finished up. The Dj Pi website (www.djpi.net) is having some trouble with the forum. Since I moved the forum from my server to the actual djpi.net server, the forum’s mail functions have stopped working. So, we can’t send e-mail through the forum anymore. The company that hosts djpi.net is starting to really irritate me. They NEVER reply to any of my support e-mails.