Minus: An Alternative to Dropbox

Minus is a file sharing and file storage service similar to Dropbox. I’ve been using Minus for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. One major difference between Minus and Dropbox is that Minus gives you 10GB of storage space from the start. With Dropbox, you only get 2GB.

The Android client for Minus is really clean and easy to navigate. They also have a client for iOS devices such as the Apple iPhone. There’s no client for Windows Phone 7 devices yet, but the site says it will be coming soon. You can see a screenshot of the Android app in the gallery at the end of this post.
Minus also has clients available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux. As some of you may know, I quit using Ubuntu a while ago and switched to Debian. I’ve been emailing back and forth with the Minus developers about getting the Ubuntu client to work on Debian.

On Debian, Minus opens fine, but after logging in, it just dies. The developer (Mason) said he had that problem with an older version of Ubuntu (10.04) as well, so it sounds like he might have an idea on how to fix it. Currently, Minus dies with this message on Debian:

minus: symbol lookup error: minus: undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData11detach_growEPii

I suggest giving Minus a try, even if you’re totally happy with Dropbox. It’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. And if you need more space than Dropbox gives for free, you absolutely MUST give Minus a shot.

Update: Immediately after making this post, I noticed a new version (1.7) of the Ubuntu client was available. So far, this new version seems to work well on Debian. I haven’t had any problems with it at all. Thank you Minus development team!

Do you use Minus, Dropbox, or another file storage/sharing service?

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5 thoughts on “Minus: An Alternative to Dropbox

  1. Thankso fantastico mucho!

    Minus is great, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to run it on Debian rather than Ubuntu.

    1. Jeff, Minus 1.7 works wonderfully on Debian. Previous version didn’t but the developers worked on getting 1.7 to work in Debian.

      I have Minus 1.7 on 3 Debian machines at home now, and it works well on each machine.

      Are you having trouble getting it working on Debian?


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