Microsoft: No WGA “Kill Switch”

Last week, there were reports of a “kill switch” being built into Windows Genuine Advantage. Ed Bott, the guy who first got word of the “kill switch”, got an email from Microsoft saying there will NOT be “kill switch” technology built into WGA.

No, Microsoft anti-piracy technologies cannot and will not turn off your computer. In our ongoing fight against piracy, we are constantly finding and closing loopholes pirates use to circumvent established policies. The game is changing for counterfeiters. In Windows Vista we are making it notably harder and less appealing to use counterfeit software, and we will work to make that a consistent experience with older versions of Windows as well.

Hopefully this is true and MS won’t just start disabling PC’s found to be running illegal versions of its operating system. And if they do, so what? Switch to Linux.


Well, now what?

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