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It’s pretty well set now that the Mediacom speed upgrades (78 days out) won’t include 512kbps upload. The upload will remain at 256. That is totally fucking bogus. I feel sorry for the people that get VOIP from Mediacom. They have to be experiencing lag on their calls. It’s only gonna get worse for them with the upgrades too. I’m sorry, but 256kbps up doesn’t make any sense with 5mbps down. It just doesn’t. 256kbps up is barely enough to game online. I played cooperative Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory lastnight on Xbox Live, it was decently laggy.

Mediacom is also claiming that major upgrades would be required all over the place to offer 512kbps upload for everyone. That’s can’t be true. Well, it could be as I hear Mediacom bought a bunch of old, crappy “nodes”. Those “nodes” are supposedly the reason that mass upgrades would be required. Maybe they shouldn’t have bought them in the first place. If I had a cable company like Mediacom I’d get top of the line stuff all the time. Fuck buying old, out of date stuff that won’t serve your needs or your customers needs.

Mediacom has some problems to say the least. I’ve been happy with my internet service lately though as it hasn’t been down much. I now feel the more costly 10/1 package is the only upgrade option for me. I don’t really need an increase in download, just upload. An upload increase is necessary. I want to play games online and not have to deal with lag! VOIP would be neat to get too, although I wouldn’t buy from Mediacom. Probably Vonage or something else.


Well, now what?

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5 thoughts on “Mediacom Upload Speeds

  1. I think Mediacom’s backend is actually run by AT&T Broadband as a sub-contracted service… same management tools for accounts as Worldnet.

    This being said, I think that’s why the Cable Internet has been mainly a good thing. I also was initially frustrated by the limit of 256K uploads, but I understand why this is needed to keep the downloads running or perhaps to limit people who might have tried to serve from their home connections.

    I finally signed up for the Online MAX (10Mbs) service and it’s working great… I typically average 11,100 Mbps downlaods and I upload to co-located websites at 950Mbps, typically. The upload speed compares to my Qwest DSL Deluxe speeds that I use for server resources, so I’d have to say the extra $14/mo is worth it, especially if you’re uploading content to co-located web servers.

    Just a review of my own experience…

  2. WTF is the 19.95 10megs DL for a new hookup when the long term user is to have upto 8megs down and it is only DSL speed.All i will say is everyone is tried of your bullshit. Fix the normal hookup and make the long term user happy. Keep what is going good for you!!! Becase like others we are not going to put up with this crap your tech. people are tell us.FIX the normal connection and stop over loading the nodes,give us what we pay for.I like other will go to other ISP and we will be reading about your Bankruptcy. Signed had enough

  3. Ok, where to start…
    First off, mediacom SUCKS! I have used them for 3 years and had nothing but issues. I would be on the internet, but every night at 12am the damn thing would go out. I finally figured out that if i went down to the basement where the cable box came in and un-hooked it then hooked it back again. it would work once more. This got really old really fast. Well recently agienst my better judgment, my wife decided to go with phone service with them as well…. OMFG was that a BAD idea! I have not had a phone in 4 days!! I know the papers that you sign to agree say that your service could be interupted, but jesus f’n christ… Now the damn thing shuts off at random times and then comes back on later in the day when i dont need it. I am really sick of this crap and am about to ditch it forever. Just my thoughts, no offence inteded adn sorry or the lanuage, I just wish that mediacom read thes damn things!

  4. I have had mediacom for over 3 years. Never an issue. Within the last 3+ weeks I have had an upload speed averaging freaking 11. ELEVEN!!! NOT EVEN CLOSE TO 56, I’d say!!! Download speeds are great!! I work from home and I will lose my job if this isn’t resolved. I have had a technician out 6 times. Modem is dropping packets….let’s replace modem…Gee still jacked up. Let’s check the lines….They seem okay now. Call us when it’s acting up so we can determine better. Well gee if you worked 24/7 I’d gladly call you in the middle of the night. Hmmm….Maintenance needs to replace something because I have “high return.” But Customer support doesn’t show any indication of a high return so they don’t know what the technician is talking about. No one EVER has an answer. Currently waiting for a ‘supervisor’ to call. I don’t see that happening. And yes, they are trying to get me to bundle everything and switch my phone service to them. They must be on crack or something. I am currently shopping for any decent internet service for the money……..Embarq anyone??? I don’t have many options where I live but definitely need to come to a decision and FAST.

  5. Mediacom is the worst cable service i have ever had and all i want to say is that it fuckin sucks. My internet connection works when it wants to, i will be online and then will loose connection and have to reset my modem. This sucks too because my phone for the house works through the modem so when i loose my internet i will loose my phone too. Also, i’ll be on the phone talking to someone and just loose the call cause the modem fails. My cable box sucks ass too, doesnt matter what channel or the time of day, ill be trying to watch a show and then the tv screen will go black and ill loose sound. then i’ll get the signal back for a few seconds and then loose it again. this happens often, and it pisses me off the most. Mediacoms techs fucking suck too, they will come out and troubleshoot lines and change settings on the box, they have yet to replace anything. i have called them out 4 times for my cable box and 3 times just for the modem, and they have only replaced my cable box once, and thats cause i kinda made them replace it. as soon as my contract is up in november i will not be renewing it and will make the change to direct tv or dish network, which ever is available in my area. Fuck you Mediacom…learn how to fix yer shit!!


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