Mediacom Upload Speeds

It’s pretty well set now that the Mediacom speed upgrades (78 days out) won’t include 512kbps upload. The upload will remain at 256. That is totally fucking bogus. I feel sorry for the people that get VOIP from Mediacom. They have to be experiencing lag on their calls. It’s only gonna get worse for them with the upgrades too. I’m sorry, but 256kbps up doesn’t make any sense with 5mbps down. It just doesn’t. 256kbps up is barely enough to game online. I played cooperative Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory lastnight on Xbox Live, it was decently laggy.

Mediacom is also claiming that major upgrades would be required all over the place to offer 512kbps upload for everyone. That’s can’t be true. Well, it could be as I hear Mediacom bought a bunch of old, crappy “nodes”. Those “nodes” are supposedly the reason that mass upgrades would be required. Maybe they shouldn’t have bought them in the first place. If I had a cable company like Mediacom I’d get top of the line stuff all the time. Fuck buying old, out of date stuff that won’t serve your needs or your customers needs.

Mediacom has some problems to say the least. I’ve been happy with my internet service lately though as it hasn’t been down much. I now feel the more costly 10/1 package is the only upgrade option for me. I don’t really need an increase in download, just upload. An upload increase is necessary. I want to play games online and not have to deal with lag! VOIP would be neat to get too, although I wouldn’t buy from Mediacom. Probably Vonage or something else.