Mediacom Sucks, Snoop Owns

They weren’t able to fix my cable internet yesterday. The tech that was out said Mediacom is pushing more data over their lines now to support their VOIP system they’re rolling out. He said this is most likely the reason my modem will no longer sync. He said they’ll probably have to re-wire most of the building. I’m supposed to get ahold of the guy that owns it and have him setup a meeting with someone from Mediacom. The tech suspects there’s people getting illegal cable in our building. So who knows when it’s going to be fixed.

Snoop Dogg was awesome lastnight. The Game was pretty good too, I actually enjoyed his show more than Snoop I think. There was lots of cops. We left about 5 minutes before everyone else and we got stopped by some girl that needed us to jump her car. I didn’t really wanna help her but Ashley insisted. It only took about 10 minutes to get her car going. Overall it was a really good show.