Mediacom Speed Increase?

Rumors are going around that Mediacom, my cable internet provider, is going to raise their speeds from 3mbit to 5mbit.

Here’s the original article I saw:…/vnu_content_id=1000799921

It’s on that page, under the “Faster cable modem speeds: Mediacom” headline. I haven’t heard anything about increasing the upload speed, but I assume that will come along with the download speed increase.

Supposedly it’s gonna be rolled out sometime in March of this year. Some people seem to think the 5mbit down will be only for the “heaviest” users, who are willing to pay a little more for the extra speed. Either way, I’m excited.

Mediacom doubled their speeds from 1.5mbit to 3mbit in February of 2004. That was a free upgrade to all of their high speed internet customers.