Mediacom Loses Sinclair Stations

Well, Sinclair Broadcast Group stations (at least here in Iowa) are no longer being carried by Mediacom. KCCI (cbs affiliate) had cameras outside a Mediacom office in Des Moines over the weekend. Thousands of people showed up to Mediacom offices to get a set of bunny ears so they can watch KDSM Fox 17 over the air.

Mediacoms antenna supply was drained due to the number of customers that showed up. KCCI says they checked with several local retailers, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target, to see if they had any antennas available. None of those stores had any antennas in stock when KCCI checked. Mediacom was giving them away for free, so they should have expected a pretty large turnout. It was really encouraging to see so many people out there. It just shows how many people are supporting Mediacom and choosing not to switch to DirecTV or another satellite provider.

Commenter BobH got his free antenna from Mediacom. However, KDSM Fox 17 (I assume) is the only station he can’t pick up over the air. I’m in the same boat he is. When I try to get KDSM Fox 17 over the air, all I see is snow. I thought KDSM had a decent over the air broadcast range, but they obviously don’t. I’m no more than 40 miles from Des Moines.

Hopefully Mediacom will keep pushing Sinclair to make a deal. I’m betting Sinclair will notice the negative effects this will have on their stations fairly soon.


Well, now what?

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9 thoughts on “Mediacom Loses Sinclair Stations

  1. I think Mediacom is as bad as Sinclair, they promise to give you ab switches which they are always out of, what did they get 2000, for 5000 people??? They also gave Some people a 20% discount which not everyone received.. Whats up w/ that?? I think they are screwing us just as bad as Sinclair!!!!!!!

  2. This is one case where I don’t mind being wrong Alisha. 🙂 You Iowa City/Cedar Rapids folks were mighty lucky. CBS wasn’t an issue for those of us here in Central Iowa.

  3. LoL I bet you don’t mind bein wrong about that. I actually am in Carbondale Illinois but we were affected too. We didn’t have fox.

  4. I don’t know about there cable services but let me tell you, after using Mediacom as my ISP it did not take long for me to drop this carrier. Looks like several others also judging by comments posted at various review sites. Mediacom high speed internet is the last service provider I would want backing me after reading about there horrible customer service.

  5. Here is what I have to say To Mediacom and Sinclair…..People pay to watch cable, to have enjoyment and more channels. Regular TV used to be free! Then people needed a converter box or get cable to even watch TV because Technology is growing rapidly and of course we have to pay out our azzes for enjoyment anyway. So this is what i think…If we pay for cable and reg. TV is free, why are you taking away reg. TV. My fav. channel sometimes is FOX. I bet they will lose alot of subscribers if they dont settle and settle fast. Me being 1 of them.

    1. Kristin, Sinclair is asking for too much money. If anything, Sinclair should be paying Mediacom for the privilege of carrying their stations.

      I’m sure Mediacom will end up paying to keep KDSM this time, just like they did back in 2006/2007.


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