Mediacom fixed it!

Two guys from Mediacom came out to my place this morning. They ended up fixing my internet and my TV looks a lot better now too. Basically they had to pull new cable into my apartment as they were pulling the old out. They found a couple old shitty splitters that had basically fallen apart. I don’t know how any of it worked. They also made my living room look better by putting a splitter above the ceiling for me, so there’s no more cables going up into the ceiling.

A manager named Dave called me to make sure everything went alright. I also spoke to Scott, a regional vice president yesterday. He wanted me to call him back if things didn’t go well today.

Anyway, I’m much happier now that I have internet at home again. I’m glad this didn’t end up being a 2 month thing.

  • Pappy

    Wow, a manager plus a vice president. I’m going to ask you to intervent the next time i have a major issue with Time Warner. The highest eschelon person that I could reach (manager) told me flat out that it didn’t matter to him whether my issues were resolved.

    Congratulations on the victory.