Marine Cleared in Shooting

I blogged about this right after it happened. I think he did the right thing shooting the guy. I’d have shot him square in the head too. Anyway, the marine that shot the guy has been cleared of everything. The investigation found that the marine acted in self-defense.

Read this first @ The Jawa Report via The Washington Times.

The investigation into a controversial shooting of a wounded Iraqi by a U.S. Marine has ended with a determination the Marine acted in self defense.

The Marines announced no charges will be filed in the incident last November in which a Camp Pendleton infantryman shot a wounded Iraqi insurgent following a firefight around a mosque in the city of Fallujah.

The Marine told investigators he had, in fact, killed three wounded Iraqi fighters he feared still posed a threat to his unit.

Natonski reportedly gave serious consideration to intelligence reports that said injured insurgents in Fallujah had feigned surrender and then attacked American troops as they approached.

It’s superb they decided the marine acted in self defense. Why they had to do that anyway, I dunno as he’s a marine in a war. Personally, I think our troops fighting in Iraq should be given the ability to shoot anyone they deem a possible threat…no questions asked. The trouble makers in Iraq would probably settle down a little bit if this were the case.