Major Torrent Site Closed

As many already know, a major torrent site, was shutdown today. First there were reports the site had been DNS hijacked. Eventually their was a page up claiming to be from the FBI. Many thought it was a fake or even a site defacement. Then ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) posted this interesting piece about EliteTorrents. The ICE website is pretty slow. Boing Boing has mirrors of the files.

The screenshot ICE provides is amusing to me. You’ll notice the title of the video they have playing in VNC (the video player) is clearly a trailer. It’s only a couple minutes in length. And in the background they have the EliteTorrents site showing with a copy of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith up, ready to be downloaded. Digital Warfighter has the text of the FBI message, incase the site isn’t even accessible soon.


Well, now what?

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6 thoughts on “Major Torrent Site Closed

  1. I think the a fair bit of the Digital Millennium Act is ridiculous. The companies up there are making millions while half of Africa is starving, and the rest of use aren’t permitted to share files. Once I purchase a music CD it should be mine. So long as I do not copy it and re-sell it, I think I should be permitted to do whatever the heck I please, including sharing it on the internet.

    I am disgusteded. Sorry for the thousands that can’t use it anymore now.

    And the other thing I noticed – the latest Star Wars that was available for download -> it actually leaked out by one of the Hollywood workers… hehe.

    My 5 cents.


  2. Pascal, you’re right on the money there. It’s designed to keep the richest 10% of the people in this country at the top of the social/money ladder. While the rest of us have to pay them for their “services”. It’s bullshit. I’m pissed off.

    They sue the little guys so the big rich guys can get even richer. Steal from the poor and give to the rich. Yup, this country is in trouble.

  3. Ugh I just noticed the amount of spelling mistakes I left behind. My apologies.

    Mhh. I most agree. Another thing that shits me is when companies try to extradite people from other countries because of laws that they have broken, which only apply in the US. Strange…


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