Major Technorati Update

Technorati just released a new interface to the site. They haven’t just made changes to the appearance of the site however.

First, in addition to a simpler and brighter design, we’ve continued to improve our core search technologies that index new information within minutes of being posted to the Web. We listened hard to your feedback – and redesigned the search results pages to include much less intrusive (and well-marked) ads, more results above the fold, and better sorting options – including sorting by language, authority, and freshness. If you’re confused, you can get a deeper explanation of keyword results and of URL results. In addition, our link-counting mechanisms have also been dramatically improved. If you’re a blogger, you should notice that your blog is being counted much more regularly, and that your rankings and authority information is much more accurate and up-to-date.

More regular counting of inbound links is awesome! Ranking and authority updates are nice too, I never put too much weight in those numbers as they never changed very often (maybe that’s good?). They’re also trying to make it easier to discover new content, via their Discover section.

These upgrades look really great overall. They just underwent a redesign not too long ago (back in June of 2005). Wonder what we can expect next year?

Mashable has screenshots of the old Technorati versus the new Technorati.

  • The new technorati looks very nice — too bad that they haven’t updated my stats or links in 2 days despite 3 new postings and 10 or more manual pings (not to mention the wordpress auto-ping when a post is published).

    Hopefully this is an isolated problem and I’m just one of the few unluckies to see it…

  • That’s a bummer AB. Must just be affecting your site and probably a few others. Both of my blogs on Technorati are mostly up-to-date, except for the Slackware Blog, which is missing the post I made yesterday.

    When I initially setup on Technorati I had a ton of issues, Technorati would never update. It’s difficult to get support from Technorati on issues like this too, at least that’s what my experience has been.

  • Well, I emailed Techorati support and asked them to reindex my blog. That got it up to date.

    Today, though, I have a new problem — mystery links. Every 30 minutes or so, technorati reports a new blog linking to me — except that they’re not linked to me. (I highly doubt the socialite blog for the London Times cares about what I post). After about 30 minutes, the link disappears to be replaced by another equally-bizarre site that’s not linked to me.

    I’m wondering if technorati is being spammed/hacked or if their DB indices are just that whacked.

    I do have to ask myself — why me? 🙂