Major Iraqi Offensive

I saw this on The Jawa Report and Clarity and Resolve. It seems Iraqs defense minister let the insurgents know he’s launching a major offensive operation against them. Said offensive will include 40,000 Iraqi soldiers and 10,000 American soldiers.

Here’s more of the story from Yahoo! News.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) — Iraq’s government said on Thursday it would deploy 40,000 Iraqi troops in Baghdad in a massive crackdown on insurgents who have killed more than 600 Iraqis in a month-long spree of suicide bombings and ambushes.

The dramatic rise in attacks by mostly Sunni Arab guerrillas has raised fears that Iraq could slide toward civil war if the Shi’ite-led government does not deliver on pledges of stability.

Dubbed Operation Thunder, the crackdown will be unprecedented in size and scope, Defense Minister Sadoun al-Dulaimi told a news conference. It will initially focus on Baghdad but will then expand to other parts of the country. Dulaimi did not say when the operation would begin.

Sounds like a good time to me!