London Bombings

As you’ve hopefully heard, London was hit with a number of explosions early this morning. I checked a few blogs upon awaking this morning to hear the news. Brushed my teeth and turned on FoxNews before heading to work. I’m not going to bother saying much as there’s already huge blog coverage on this.

I suggest you check the following blogs for updates and general information on this.
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Mark in Mexico has a whole shit ton of links.

An Al Qeada letter has surfaced claiming responsibility for the attack.

“Rejoice, community of Muslims,” the letter states. “The heroic mujahedeens today conducted an attack in London,” it continues. All of Great Britain is now shaken and shocked, “in the north, the south, west and east.” “We’ve warned the British government and the British people time and again,” the letter adds. “We’ve kept our promise and have carried out a blessed military operation.”

“We continue to warn the governments of Denmark and Italy and all other crusader governments.” We demand that all countries pull their troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, states the letter, which has been signed by the “Secret Organization — al Qaida in Europe.”

Blogs of War has a lot of good links to more info. They’ve also got quite a few links to local resources in the U.K. There’s too much information for me to catch up at this point. Some of the blogs I listed above already have made 3 or 4 updates on this news, so I’m not even gonna try.

UPDATE: So I lied, I will write more. The paranoia is already setting in here in the states. The terror alert level for trains was raised to Orange. There’s a terror alert level for trains? Boo!!!

Also, Demosophist at the Jawa Report says “I’m reasonably confident that the response will be greater unity and moral clarity rather than less, reflecting yet another miscalculation by the Salafists who consistently underestimate the capacity of their infidel opposition for moral clarity in the face of totalitarian method.” That’s in a new post about the “Madrid Strategy”, as it’s being called. There also seems to be some confusion over how many bombs there were exactly. Some are saying 4, others are saying 7. Personally, I’d lean towards the lower number…

UPDATE 2: WizBang! now has some official numbers from London. Also added a picture of the bus mentioned in “Fourth Bombing” below.
Bus Involved in fourth explosion

First Bombing: 100 yards into train tunnel 7 confirmed fatalities.
Second bombing: Train bombing, 21 confirmed fatalities
Third Bombing: 3 trains involved with 5 confirmed fatalities
Fourth Bombing: Bus pictured above – Some fatalities but can not confirm numbers

Rob Port, owner of Say Anything, made a new post on WizBang about London. George Galloway says:

We argued, as did the security services in this country, that the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq would increase the threat of terrorist attack in Britain. Tragically Londoners have now paid the price of the Government ignoring such warnings.

He’s pretty much putting the blame for the London bombings on the fact that they helped in Afghanistan and Iraq. Had they stayed out none of this would have happened. I tend to disagree with that thinking. Rob’s got a lot to say about Mr. Galloways words. Britain is paying the price today for ridding the world of these jihadists. Other countries will have to “pay” the same way, if they haven’t already. It comes with the job.

Yah, there’s no fourth update, except “London Underground”. I quit.