London Bombing Suspect?

I saw this via Say Anything. Even if it wasn’t him, it’s great to see they’ve got leads already. The Indepundit has updates and a little bio type thing on Mohamed Guerbouzi.

A Brussels-based European police official said British police have asked their European counterparts for information on a Moroccan man, Mohamed Guerbouzi, in relation to the attacks in London.

Mr. Guerbouzi has been under investigation in Britain in connection with two previous attacks, a 2003 suicide bombing in Morocco and last year’s attack on commuter trains in Spain. Mr. Guerbouzi held a senior position in the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, or GICM, investigators say. He has been living in Britain for about a decade, the police official said on condition of anonymity. It is unclear if he is in British police custody.

The Counterterrorism Blog
would probably be a good place for updates on this. Michelle Malkin has a lot of really good stuff on this guy and some related commentary and linkage.

Almost forgot, The Indepundit has a little bio on this guy from “The Terrorism Knowledge Base“. Apparently this guy was also being looked at in connection with the Madrid bombings.