I posted a link to the lokitorrent page with the “Inappropriate for all ages” image. There’s rumors going around that there never was a lawsuit against lokitorrent. I’m skeptical though.

Supposedly, the owner of lokitorrent created all this lawsuit business in order to get dontations from his sites users. After raising a decent ammount of money, he skipped the country. The lawsuit was supposedly filed in Dallas. When the MPAA is in Cali and lokitorrent is hosted in D.C. So a lawsuit in Dallas doesn’t really make any sense. The lokitorrent page still points to it’s original server. I would have thought the MPAA would alter the sites name servers to have it point to one of their servers. That’s not the case.

The only thing that confuses me is uk-torrents.com. I used uk-torrents a little, upon visiting their site one day, I was redirected to the lokitorrent page with the “Inappropriate for all ages” image. I don’t know why uk-torrents would voluntarily redirect their site to that page. And now, a visit to uk-torrents.com shows it’s just a page with a bunch of ads.

I’m beginning to think this was all a hoax to draw donations from the users of these sites. I saw this on slashdot originally: