As you can tell I switched the theme for this site. This loads much quicker. I got rid of some graphics to help with that. I really enjoy the minimalistic style this theme brings.

A few items are still missing from this new theme. I’ll add them tonight after work hopefully.

My main reasons for using this theme are:
1. Minimalistic
2. Clean and easy to read
3. Will afford me more opportunities to customize the site
4. Quick loading

Oh, and the theme I’m using is Oxymod. I also updated my blogroll. Deleted old links, added a few new ones. If you want on there, just leave a comment in this post. I removed quite a few, not necessarily meaning to. If your blog is no longer there and you want it to be, leave a comment.

Oh, check out what Basil has for lunch today.


Well, now what?

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3 thoughts on “Lightweight

  1. Yes … page loads very much faster. Are you sure you didn’t just get a new server and a T3 line?

  2. T3 would be great. New server would be nice too. I definately need something more than 2x P3’s now. I’ve been looking at a couple dual Xeon systems and some dual AMD systems. I’ve never had anything AMD, so I’m sorta leaning in that direction.


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