Laptops for Wounded Soldiers

I’m not resisting anymore. I wasn’t reisisting before really, Patrick’s post over at Clarity and Resolve lit a fire under my ass. Soldiers Angels is hosting Project Valour-IT.

Every cent raised for Project Valour-IT goes directly to the purchase and shipment of laptops, software and equipment for the wounded servicemembers.

Currently we are forming “libraries” of laptops equipped with the voice-controlled software for wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines at each major military medical center to check out during their stay. Copies of the voice-controlled software for use on home computers are also available to servicemembers who still need it as they leave the medical center. In special circumstances, a laptop may be provided to a soldier for his or her permanent use.

Each fully equipped laptop will cost an estimated $685 (plus shipping), thanks to retailer discounts. Thus, the first two phases will require an estimated budget of about $110,000. Full implementation will require an estimated budget of $600,000 (click here for specs and estimated/expected costs).

They’re working to get notebooks for injured servicemen/servicewomen. You can’t argue with that, you just can’t. Don’t even attempt to cuz it’ll piss me off. When I signed up, the Air Force team had the fewest team members, so I joined that team, along with Conservative Thinking and The Jawa Report, two of my all-time favorite blogs. Mudville Gazette is heading up all the efforts on behalf of the Air Force team, so you might want to donate via their site.

These people give their limbs, mobility, and large portions of their lives to defending our freedoms. What better way to show a sign of appreciation for all their sacrifices than donating to get them some laptops? Everyone needs a laptop, especially these guys/gals. Donate below or over at Mudville Gazette.

UPDATE: I almost forgot. Make sure you check out the Valor-IT blog for the latest updates on their progress. After 3 days of fund raising, over $25,500 has been raised. Not too shabby. Now on to the donations…


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