Kiss my ass Mr. Tenet

Have you seen this news about former CIA head Geroge Tenet? He’s calling the internet a potential Achilles’ heel to our national security.

He seems to think it should only be for people who take security seriously. Who the fuck does this guy think he is? A quote from the article:
“Within the federal government, the Department of Homeland Security has the lead role in protecting the Internet from terrorism.”

How fucking stupid. The Dept. of Homeland Security had better not be protecting my internet connection. I wanna do it myself. Leave me the fuck alone.

This jackass acts like the Internet is owned by the United States or somethin. And if it could only be secure, the U.S. would be free of cyber-terrorism. Dumb ass, dumb ass, dumb ass. He obviously doesn’t know how any of this works.….6381r


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