Kiddie Limb Crushing

This is quite disturbing. An 8 year old Iranian boy was caught stealing some bread. What’s the best way to punish a young boy who must resort to theft to keep food in his belly? Run his arm over with a truck of course.

These pictures may disturb you. The little boy’s facial expressions are horrible. How anyone could hold a small child down while he’s run over with a truck is beyond me. It’s no wonder there’s so many murders and terrorists living in that region, look at how the discipline their young. I’d cut that guys head off were he ever to cross me on the street.

H/T Jay @ Stop the ACLU. Heidi at Euphoric Reality hopes “ALL those Muslim men burn in hell for eternity after soaking for a millenium in pig’s blood.” I’m with ya there Heidi.

Linked at The Political Teen, Mudville Gazette, and Basil’s Blog.


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3 thoughts on “Kiddie Limb Crushing

  1. Name me one thing the “religion of peace” has ever given to the world, other than creative new ways to torture people. You can’t and it’s because these people are stuck in the 14th Century.

  2. I can’t because I know what they’ve contributed to 21st century society, absolutely nothing. I do know of people though who would rush to their defense claiming “not all muslims are like that.” Doesn’t matter, they’re the only group of people torturing children and using 10 year olds as suicide bombers.

    You’re smarter than 90% of the worlds population Thumper. Thanks for the supporting comment.

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