Kanye West has Diarrhea

Kanye West said some really stupid shit on NBC lastnight. The video (via Riehl World View) is quite funny. I feel bad for Mike Myers though, he didn’t look to happy with Kanye’s statements. Basically, Kanye feels that President Bush “doesn’t care about black people.” He goes on to basically say that the U.S. governments goal is to kill black people in areas effected by Katrina. A lot of what he says isn’t really intelligible, he’s got some serious shit just pouring out of his mouth.

Personally, I think Kanye West is a racist. I’ve listened to enough of his music to know that he’s got some serious issues with white people. He likes to think that the entire establishment is out to get him and blacks in general. He’s seriously paranoid.

Anyone with half a brain can figure out why there’s so many black people in the areas hit by Katrina. Especially in New Orleans. Just look at the numbers. In the 2000 census, 67.25% of the New Orleans population was black. Does the census include poor people? I doubt it, but I dunno. With those numbers, I’d say it’s pretty safe to say that a majority of the poor population in New Orleans is also black. Why’s that? It’s not because they’re black you fucking retards Kanye and Jesse Jackson. It’s simply due to the fact that more black people live there than any other race. It’s not hard to comprehend. I wonder if Kanye finished school cuz it’s really a pretty basic principle.

Confederate Yankee has a press release from the Red Cross in response to Kanye’s comments on NBC. PunditGuy feels for Mike Myers too, as everyone probably does. Dave at Garfield Ridge has various updates. In one of the updates he mentions Chris Tucker at the end. I thought that was Chris Tucker, video is pretty blurry though. Mad Dog Vinnie’s comment at Six Meat Buffet is hilarious. This reminded Tony of an old SNL skit involving Mike Myers. I can’t say I recall that skit, but he’s got a transcript from the SNL.

I’m sorta late on this one as I was probably sleeping when this was on NBC lastnight. It’s too good to resist posting though. And it seems that I’m one of the few people in the blogosphere who knows who Kanye West is. He’s a rapper, and he’s actually really good. I used to listen to him a lot when I had my subs and amp in my car, mostly cuz his songs had massive bass lines. Now I just look down on him though as another Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton wannabe.


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45 thoughts on “Kanye West has Diarrhea

  1. Can you provide some evidence that Kanye West is racist. Its ironic, that he does songs with white artists, and even has Maroon 5 on his album, and he is still a racist. Shoot Away Tyler.

  2. It’s also interesting to see that Kayne West actually tried to raise funds during the September 2 NBC Telethon. So the money he helps to raise goes to general victims of the hurricane, and that, Tyler, includes whites and blacks. There goes the racist argument.

    I think that West has made a few good and critical points. The other thing that shits me is that Bush has promised a whole load more national guard, but next to no food. Last time I checked national guard where not food. What the hell is the good of sending in 15 times more troops than food?

    Here’s an excerpt from a rather large and concise Wikipedia article covering the political developments concerning hurricane Katrina:

    Accusations that race was a factor in the slow response
    One source of blame for the slowness of the federal response is based on the fact that poor urban blacks have not supported the administration of George W. Bush. Rev. Jesse Jackson, upon visiting Louisiana, stated, “Many black people feel that their race, their property conditions and their voting patterns have been a factor in the response.” [21] This point was asserted more bluntly by Kanye West, during a September 2 NBC Telethon to raise funds for hurricane victims. West stated, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” and that the U.S. is determined “to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off as slow as possible.” He concluded by stating, “They’ve given them permission to go down and shoot us.” [22]
    When federal response did start arriving, much of it was focused on stopping looters, some of whom had reportedly delayed the delivery of vital relief. Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco sent a directed warning that incoming guard troops “have M-16s and they’re locked and loaded … [and they] know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so, and I expect they will.”
    Commentator Lou Dobbs of CNN, has claimed that local officials should bear some responsibility saying that “the city of New Orleans is 70% black, its mayor is black, its principle power structure is black, and if there is a failure to the black Americans, who live in poverty and in the city of New Orleans, those officials have to bear much of the responsibility.”

    You might also be interested to know:

    Exacerbating the vulnerability of the poorest residents
    African-American leaders and others have expressed outrage at what they see as the apparent neglect of the poor and black residents of affected region. After decades of white flight, New Orleans is two-thirds black and over a quarter live at or below the poverty line. Within the city itself, the poorest tended to live in the lowest parts that are most vulnerable to the flooding.
    In the Lower Ninth Ward, which is almost completely submerged, 98% of residents are black and more than a third live in poverty. Many of the poor depend on welfare or other public assistance checks, which are received at the first of each month, meaning that Hurricane Katrina made landfall just when many of the poor had exhausted their resources. They were thus unable to afford to flee the city before the hurricane struck. Reports were that many people stayed in their homes rather than evacuating because they didn’t want to miss receiveing their upcoming checks.
    Speaking at a press conference from a relief centre in Lafayette, Laura Bush explained that the poor are always the main victims of natural disasters, but that there was nothing that could be done about it. “This is what happens when there’s a natural disaster of this scope,” Bush said. “The poorer people are usually in the neighborhoods that are the lowest or the most exposed or the most vulnerable. Their housing is the most vulnerable to natural disaster. And that is just always what happens.”

    You can find the entire article here.

  3. Oh, and in relation to international help – how many days did it take the US to finally commit an (at start more than laughable) amount of money to aid the tsunami disaster…?

  4. I don’t have time to look for specific lyrics “Sean”. All I can tell you, is that after years of listening to Kanye West, I’ve always gotten the distinct feeling that he’s preaching to the black community to stop taking shit from the white community.

    I’ve heard him rap about not getting his 40 acres of land in at least two seperate songs. Kanye himself may not be a racist. At the very least his lyrics inspire others to be anti-white, anti-government and racist in general.

    Pascal: Everything in those articles is total nonsense. The simple fact of the matter is that there’s simply more black people in New Orleans than there are white people. It is true that most of the poor people in New Orleans are black. That can be said about pretty much any major southern city though, except cities in Texas and Florida probably.

    That’s how it is in the United States. Now, the black community may be the poorest race community in the U.S., but that’s a remenant of the last 150 years of American history. It will take time for the black race as a whole to build a significant amount of wealth in the United States. It could also be due to lifestyle choices also.

    I assure you that the lack of aid immediately available in New Orleans isn’t because the United States government doesn’t like black people. I don’t think you realize how much of a bureaucracy the U.S. is. With the dangerous situations going on in New Orleans, various government ogranizations wouldn’t allow their people to be deployed there. Not because mostly black people are there, but because they were following their guidlines. Bureaucracy: Meaningless regulations and shit tons of red-tape. That would also be the reason for it taking days to get money from the U.S. government to the tsunami victims.

    To think the U.S. government would just donate billions of dollars without looking at the entire picture is just idiotic.

    Most people I’ve spoken to about this can’t comprehend even the basic concept though, so I don’t blame you guys or the rest of the people saying the U.S. government didn’t respond quickly just because there’s mostly black people left. I will post some numbers later on tonight or tomorrow. The numbers show it’s due to large population densities of the black race in the given area. So simple but nobody really seems to understand. Is it the U.S. governments fault that so many blacks live in New Orleans? Some would probably say “yes”, just because that’s the leftwing moonbat lunacy they’ve grown to love from the television.

  5. Tyler,
    your statements would be laughable if they weren’t so steeped in the racist mindset this society has raised you in.

    “I’ve always gotten the distinct feeling that he’s preaching to the black community to stop taking shit from the white community.”

    So, he should encourage black people to “take shit” from the white community? …or should he just ignore the problem and let it continue?

    “I’ve heard him rap about not getting his 40 acres of land in at least two seperate songs. Kanye himself may not be a racist. At the very least his lyrics inspire others to be anti-white, anti-government and racist in general.”

    the comment about 40 acres of land is wholly founded by Kanye. 40 acres of land and a mule was promised to black people as reperations and (of course) never given to them. Do you not see the point? promises broken, lack of trust, etc… bringing up that subject does not make (or encourage) people “anti-white” or “anti-government” or even the broooooad statement “racist”. perhaps if people in your family have been oppressed for hundreds of years and only just recently getting the basic right to vote, you might be a little suspicious of those that oppressed you. Knee jerk reactions, like declaring someone racist, do _not_ help the situation. grow up.

    if you are going to comment on someone’s lyrics (esp if you think that they inspire racism/hate), please quote the specific lyrics and don’t make general comments “oh, i think i heard him say something and i don’t think i like what i heard. why can’t he be nice, like Will Smith? damn uppity blacks, don’t they know their place?”


  6. Jamil, I know what’s he saying, and I do see your points and Kanye’s points. But it’s 2005. Were I a black man I’d probably be angry too for never getting my reperations. To actually expect reperations now is just stupid. They’re not coming. The black community in America will never get what they were promised.

    That’s something that should be blatantly obvious to anyone. It’s the basis of his music. I don’t know if it’s meant to inspire hatred for the white race, but it does.

    He has every right to be suspicious of those that oppressed him. Why must he inspire the young black community to continue hating the white race in America? Yes, they were treated unfairly. I realize that it will take time for the black community to recover.

    I’m not saying he himself is a racist, his music spreads racist ideologies. Really, it’s setting black Americans back rather than moving them forward.

    And the “problem” isn’t as extreme as he would like us to believe. Were he making music in the 1960’s his lyrics wouldn’t seem so outrageous. American’s should not be fighting over simple race issues when we’re all at risk of being murdered by islamic radicals.

    And yes Jamil, I was raised in a somewhat racist society. We had two black kids in my highschool of about 250 people. Some of my white friends are extremely racist against blacks. That’s not me. I know how we treated blacks. I know it was wrong. The racist guys I know were brought up being taught that black skin is evil. I wasn’t. I was the kid that hung out with every group no matter their race. Same in college, same in bars, same at concerts, same everywhere. You don’t know anything about how I was raised, so you can just shut the fuck up about that. True, I don’t know how Kanye was raised, but I have an idea how things were. Not by what I was taught in the “racist” American History classes in school, but by educating myself via other means such as reading.

    I just hope my mother of father don’t read your comment, I fear my father would be very much offended by being accused of bringing his child up as a racist.

    And no, Kanye shouldn’t rap about encouraging the black community to take shit from whites. That’s not what I’m implying at all. He should stop spreading the idea to black youth that all the white man wants to do is rape and exploit them. Like I said, it would have made sense in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but not today.

    In summary: Black american’s were fucked and fucked bad. Reperations will never be given, although they were promised. Kanye’s lyrics incite young blacks in America to be angry at the current day white men which only hurts the black community as a whole. Dwelling on the matter won’t make it better. And preaching intolerance of other races is almost as bad as what the whites did to the blacks for the last 150 years.

    Pascal, don’t comment. I know I’m not too tolerant of the muslim/islamic culture, only because they believe anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah should be murdered. They don’t care what color our skin is. I hate talking about “black and white” when there much bigger and more threatening problems we need to be dealing with.

  7. Oh come on Kanye! Not cool, or correct! I have now lost respect for you!

    At 16 I worked full time at a Subway sandwich shop. I made enough money for myself to be considered out of poverty. Why can’t the poor (not black or white) people be more proactive? The majority of New Orleans is black….THAT IS WHY THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE LEFT BEHIND. Gosh! Stop sterotyping yourself! I’m sick of listening to this! Get up and take a stand, stop bitching. I have black friends. I respect them very much. I am not a racist. I believe in all people, you have a choice in life, you can take what your given, or you can make yourself great. YOu choose.

    I was addicted to Cocaine and living in the back of my car. That night I turned 18 I realized that I was welcoming myself into adulthood by blowing a 8ball. That was the last time I did drugs. Now, two years later, I sell real estate, one of the youngest yet most successfull realtors in my area and I also am getting my certificate at a nearby college (not community) I pay for it all myself, along with my brand new car, as I have since I was old enough to work. I live very well, all by myself, coming from nothing.

    What is the difference between myself and the people who are actively complaining?? IM PROACTIVE

    This has nothing to do with race, stop blaming everyone, it was their responsibility to evacuate, and they didnt, now we are attempting to help, and people are shooting at recuers. The biggest problem here is poverty not race. Grow up, take a stand, do something besides bitch.

    And by the way Kanye, your second CD sucks!

  8. “I know I’m not too tolerant of the muslim/islamic culture, only because they believe anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah should be murdered. They don’t care what color our skin is.”


    I feel sad for you because you have an ignorant state of mind. If you believe that all Muslims believe anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah should be murdered. It is truly sad that people with your type of Ignorance exist in America. Maybe you should read the Koran and d find where it says that Muslims should be killing others. You base your viewpoints on extremists who are acting against the principles of Islam. Every religion has nuts (just look at Pat Robertson wanting assassinations). I think you do need to grow up.

  9. Sean can’t you at least say something meaningful? I know not all muslims think the way the radicals do. Just like the Nazi’s, not all German’s were supporters of Hitler. Not all muslims take what the Koran says literally. They know it doesn’t apply to present day earth. The extremists do take the Koran literally.

    There’s no Mexicans blowing up subways and busses or running planes into buildings. Who’s been mostly responsible for that lately? Muslims.

    Pat Robertson wanting Chavez assassinated doesn’t compare to islamic radicals cutting heads off contractors and broadcasting the video on state controlled television.

    Yah, it may be an ignorant state of mind now, but if my own race (Whites residing in the United States) wasn’t under constant threat from the entire world I wouldn’t be so inclined to feel the way I do.

    Go ahead, blame my government, I’ve heard it all before. I rarely agree with their decisions and actions in Washington. It’s the government I was given though. Extreme bureaucracy in government isn’t good for the people of the nation.

  10. I feel Kayne West pain, but it is time for us as a people stop blaming the white man for our problem. We could been more advance as a people by now we have had more then enough time our develop our culture in a healthy and positive manner. the white man has taken the rope from around our necks and we and still slow to come up. They need to be blaming ourself for our conditions, reasons why our has not rose up and overcame. 1. drugs 2 our men slacking as leader, as fathers and as protector. 3. our woman are condoning our male behaviors. 4. we don’t know our history to better our future. 5. we do not know how to come togother(we have the mind set of every man for himself). 6. we do know the power of human numbers. 7. we hate eachother. 8. when we come up, we forget about our own.

  11. Fucking hell. Tyler, remember that link – the “American Taliban”? – http://www.reandev.com/taliban/

    “I know I’m not too tolerant of the muslim/islamic culture, only because they believe anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah should be murdered. They don’t care what color our skin is.”

    I think we could add you to that list…

    If you make generalisations on things you really don’t have much of a clue about, ie.
    “Sean can’t you at least say something meaningful? I know not all muslims think the way the radicals do. Just like the Nazi’s, not all German’s were supporters of Hitler. Not all muslims take what the Koran says literally. They know it doesn’t apply to present day earth. The extremists do take the Koran literally.” [note, as do the fucking extremist Jews and Christians, such as the ones running your current government].

    Then please stop making such generalisted, incorrect comments, including blog entries. I am German myself and have come to learn a lot about Nazi Germany, as well as the holocaust. Please, check a variety of history books.

    I think it is very, very sad that you are making such racists, radical and reckless comments. Like it was mentioned upon before, it is very ignorant of you to make comments such as the ones in the last few weeks on your blog.



  12. Concerning your reply to the wikipedia article:

    Pascal: Everything in those articles is total nonsense. The simple fact of the matter is that there’s simply more black people in New Orleans than there are white people. It is true that most of the poor people in New Orleans are black. That can be said about pretty much any major southern city though, except cities in Texas and Florida probably.

    I think that the hundred or so people, ranging from those who were at the hurricane, to professors and whatnot who write these articles are much more knowledgable and believable on this subject than you – with no offense intended. If you believe it is so incorrect, please take it up at the corresponding discussion area for that article.

    You linked me to a set of statistical data for New Orleans:

    Note that this is for entire America!!!, not for New Orleans, and it is is over 6 years out of date!!! This study was done through 1980-1999. Not 2005!

    My last comment, this one being a request is that you respect people’s names:

    I don’t have time to look for specific lyrics “Sean”. All I can tell you, is that after years of listening to Kanye West, I’ve always gotten the distinct feeling that he’s preaching to the black community to stop taking shit from the white community.

    Thank you

  13. “Maybe you should read the Koran and d find where it says that Muslims should be killing others.” – Sean John

    Koran 9:5
    YUSUFALI: But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.
    PICKTHAL: Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
    SHAKIR: So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.


    Fight and slay the pagans [Christians] wherever ye find them and seize them, confine them, and lie in wait for them in every place of ambush” (Surah 9:5)
    “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his apostle nor acknowledge the religion of truth of the people of the Book (the Jews and the Christians) until they pay the Jizya [tax on non-Muslims] with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” (Surah 9:29)
    “Those who follow Muhammad are merciless for the unbelievers but kind to each other.” (Qur’an 48:29)
    “Enmity and hatred will reign between us until ye believe in Allah alone.” (Qur’an 60:4)
    Fight the unbelievers in your surroundings, and let them find harshness in you.” (Qur’an 9:123)
    “For he who believes in the Trinity, “the Fire will be his abode … a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemer.” Qur’an (5:72-73)

    Yeah so… it does say that, more than once. Granted I am going to say a majority of Muslims don’t live this, it is there. I have no problems with Muslims, I don’t believe what they believe, but I have no hatred for them and the ones I know are very nice people. But it annoyed me that you attempted to tell Tyler to read the Koran and find it, like you thought it wasn’t actually there. Well it is. So who needs to read what? I just did a yahoo search for “koran kill the infidels” and I found all that in a few minutes. So not only did you not read before you argued but you didn’t even bother researching your statements. Next time, think it through.
    And Kanye is not justified for what he did no matter how you look at it. He has an opinion fine share it but that was not the place to do it. I don’t agree with his opinion but he is an American so he has every right to share it but it was not the time or place to do it.

  14. Go forth into all the world and teach all the nations in my name in every place.” (Matthew 28:19) So thats the bible for ya.

    There are passages where Christians (or Jews) are instructed by God to kill for one reason or another, however they dont have their Great Prophet commanding them to kill EVERY non-Christian, unlike Islam where it is their COMMANDMENT to kill EVERY non-Muslim.

  15. Rational, analysis,statistics,the utilitarian idea or any other idea should not be used in order to save human lives.
    One should not place a value on life.

  16. Kanye West’s comments were not racist; it was pain, desperation, and frustration that were said, somewhat ackward, in unprepared statements. I don’t like Kanye West’s music, I don’t like his lyrics or that entire “hip-hop” and “rap” lingo and influence and the popularity they have on our culuture (white, black, yellow and brown, etc) But for those that defend Bush’s response, let me ask you, would the goverment have reacted so slow if this would have in New York, New Hampshire, Florida or the Virginias…? No, defenitely not. Why was this allowed to happen, because these people are poor and have very little political clout. Your economic group is not a race, but man, it sure really appears so when so many members of one race belong to it…

  17. Juan, the governor of Louisiana rejected immediate federal assistance, very early on in the storm.

    The Governor is responsible for activating the national guard. How is it Bush’s fault?

  18. Y u writing some stupid shit like that.. u shouldnt write no more… u dont know nuttin about no one specially him.. kid… y dont u go down there and c for urself how people is being treated

  19. I may not know much about Kanye personally but the facts of the matter lie in the population numbers in the south.

    People would be treated better if they weren’t shooting at rescuers, murdering and raping. Blaming Bush is just asenine, the state and local governments are the ones we should blame.

  20. To all of those who believe Mr. West is an idiot. I believe that he was quite brave to state his views knowing that he would have to face critics from all arenas. He simply stated the truth that Bush nor America cares about the Black population this should be evident in the treatemnt that the Black population is receiving in New Orleans. It seems as if we are unable to state the obvious. Blacks in America continue to be treated as second class citizens. To quote Mr.West “racism is still alive they just conceal it.”

  21. Yah, racism is alive because of people like Kanye. The majority population in New Orleans is black d moore. Who the fuck do you expect to be left? Cubans?

  22. And who the fuck don’t care – whites like Bush in government…

    “Pascal, the difference is there’s not a large group of christians that take it literally and try to kill all non christians.”

    Yea, remember the Crusades…?

  23. Yes, Pascal, we all remember the Crusades…in the dark ages! Don’t see too many Christians running around doing that kind of barbaric shit now.

  24. the question is not about whether or not bush is racist (which he very may well be)… but on how he goes about handling distastrous events that are thrown his way. just look at how he reacted when told that the second plane had just struck the twin towers.. he kept reading with the 2nd graders..(looking at an upside-down book, mind you). so really people, WHAT else did you expect from America’s leader?

  25. back to this kanye west thing.. i’m a BIG fan of kanye. but i must say this, that is some ‘IG’NANT’ shit coming from him. i’m all for freedom of speech, but i’m also about empowering the people with EDUCATED thinking. Time magazine just had him on the cover as one of the smartest people in Hip-Hop today. Time Magazine needs to fire the people that put him on that cover. we learn & teach by example. not by some stupid shit some DUMB rapper said that when these young kids hear him will all follow suit. again, hate/racism is kept very much alive all on it’s own with out having some famous man/woman, adding to it.

  26. WTF is this !!! This is typical black response. It’s nobodys fault but the white man. Poor us, we’re black and poor, now where’s my money. I can just see ole George W. Bush sitting in the Oval Office with a joystick in his hands guiding that hurricane right into a really poor city. Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t Kayne. Catch a clue along with the rest of you gang banging rappers you fucking morons. I put you rappers and the rest of you inner city niggers in the same category as rats. You continue to breed, but you still don’t do us any good.

  27. Yeah, I guess it is racial since they don’t name huricanes Sheenana, or Laquisha. Should have said, here comes k k Katrina, right? If the population in NO is 90% black, they are going to be the largest percentage impacted. Bush is a racist, cause he only signed for 40 billion in aide to help them also. Damn, if that is not racial, I don’t know what is.

  28. wow dennis, are you from the mid-west? true enough, many blacks out there are still in the ‘when we were slaves bit’ & ‘it’s the white mans fault’ but did you need to put ALL black people into that same category? it’s the IG’NANT people, like yourself, that think like that, and hearing kanye’s words will further confirm in their little minds what is NOT true. but you dennis, continue with this type of shit, you’re as bad as the rest of them.. i am not black nor am i white. and in NO WAY do i share your point. unlike you, i am in no way or form a rascist or prejudice against anyone’s race, color or religion.. if you must know, i hate everyone EQUALLY. you dennis, are the reasons people come out with some STOOPID (note spelling for idiots like you) derrogatory statements like yours. keep it up people, i see america rising… HA!

  29. Well Chris, if you would have read my post you would have read that I DID NOT in fact include ALL black people. I said rappers and inner city blacks. There’s a big damn difference my friend. I in fact don’t have a damn thing against black people and in fact have some that are really good friends. I in fact put white trash in the same category. I’m so sick and tired of having the race card thrown out on the table. You can’t even wipe your ass without someone screaming racism. And to be honest with you I don’t care if you do share my point.

  30. I think it’s funny that whenever anyone is accused of being racist their first response is “I myself have many (insert race) friends.” Whats that prove? I didn’t know this until this morning, but according to Kanye George Bush is the one who gave permission for them to “go down and shoot us.” But thats not the truth. It was Mayor Nagin who put the city under Martial Law, which therefore means he is the one who authorized military to shoot whoever they want if they have a reason (basically.) And all of the delay can’t be pinned on Bush when the Governor of Louisiana told Bush the day of the hurricane that she needed “24 hours to think,” and the President can’t move in until given Authorization by the Governor. (Thats why he could move into Florida so quick when the hurricane hit down there a while ago.) But, go on, blame George, Kanye. It’s NO one’s fault but his.

  31. If anyone is to blame, it’s Blanco. Needing 24 hours to think in a situation like that is just stupid. She should obviously not be governor if she can’t make quick decisions that affect the lives of citizens in her state.

    You’ve basically got it 100% correct Armani.

  32. Mr. Longren,

    Before publishing articles portraying someone elses ignorance you should first take a look inward and make sure that your comments are “intelligible!” Genius (sarcastically)…Kanye said absolutely nothing about Katrina hitting New Orleans because all the people there are black. So your statistics (as accurate as they may be) have absolutely no relevance. Mr. West was referring to the amount of time its taken president dumbass to get back from vacation and help…as well as some of the police officers and militarty men’s immoral acts towards these victims. Mr. West is 100% correct…by the way I’m white and have finished school, earning 2 bachelors degrees from USC in both accounting and corporate finance as well as a masters in business economics from Harvard.

  33. Dennis your ignorance and undeniable bigotry speaks volumes for itself. Your the reason why rappers such as kanye and all those other, as you put it thug n*ggas have to take up the militant persona and look at cartain actions from certain induviduals as directly threatening. No one thinks Bush camped out in the oval office with joysticks you corn fed shit eating cock fag, how much of an intullectually arrested moron must you be to put forth such horseshit. In the same vein kanye was not saying our president wants blackie dead, now its not for me nor anyone else to say what bush is thinking necessarily, if he is in fact thinking at all. But there is something called an educated guess, or a conclusion drawn through overwhelming evidence. Some of the actions manifested by our president in past years have shown that he has a significant base to which his policies cater. They sure as hell arent the black majority, this doesnt alarm me greatly however, though I am a black teenager. Because I realized this and up until this point though his policies werent necissarily always helpful they werent
    harmful. This is a turning point, though he didnt have a direct hand in the mayhem following the storm the hesitant reaction following the tradgedy suggests that his primary, concern was elsewhere. Dont argue with me here I dont wanna have to go fishing through evidence which you know exists to show your ignorant ass the truth in this statement. Though I think the bluntness of kanyes statement was untimely, I see some truth in it and before you start getting derogatory and just fucking stupid listen briefly to the subtext since statements are much more than simply whats said. btw I am in no way racist trust me, I go to private school and I can count my black friends on one hand. You sir, Dennis, are a triscuit cracker racist and I hope you get some help.

  34. wow, I am completely appalled and disheartened at the completely ignorant comment by mr. dennis. first, however, i would like to briefly touch on mr west’s comment about mr. bush. lets look at the response times for a disaster in bush’s career. 9/11 2001, it took bush a record 3 days to stop running from coast to coast making sure no “terrorist” or “WMD” found him. this fact could be attributed by many different factors. 1)an election year was coming up, 2)he was breifed on the events sooner (which was not really true, he was briefed about both events in the same time frame) 3)ny is a highly publicized city with many a influential ppl 4)he wanted to test his new blow horn etc. etc. the list goes on and on. The sad fact about it is Kanye is right. it took bush a week to make it to the gulf coast and that is including the fact that Osama’s sperm was not chasing him (he may have felt a small precipitation from Katrina, but I guarantee that was it). His slow reaction along with the slow reaction of aid gives us a glimpse of his priority list. And the bottom line is BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT AT THE TOP.
    I don’t agree that kanye should have ranted and raved about bush not caring about black people but he opened up a much needed dialogue about the lack of efficacy in our government; from the top, bush and the good ole boys club (FEMA), to the “bottom” (the mayors, govenor, senators, and council people).
    Granted, it was so much easier to blame the “terrorist”, create a stage of panic, and also divert the questions/blame to some anonymous middle eastern with a turban on his head(by the way, have we ever found osama). Now the blame is coming full force toward him, and he just can’t take the heat. Who can bush blame now?? The Mayor? Mother Nature? God?
    At the end of the day what is more hurtful than Bush’s disregard of certain articles in his job description is comments made by Americans that endorse stereotype and ignorance. This is a time that we all need to come together and help those who are in need. this is no time to bash the poor blacks, the poor whites, the ignorant rappers/celebrities, or the ignorant administration. lets get the people evacuated first and then talk about who needs to lose their job first. Please.
    and yes, my name is really and unfortunately Katrina.

  35. hohoho I’ve read some more ignorance and have more to say, I hate all you mental midgets who spend all their time bitching about tiny inconsistencies in someones facts, fuck you get a life, your simply avoiding the point by throwring tons of diversionary drabble into a conversation which doesnt concern it. So im not taken out of context, this ones for you Armani. who cares about bush i personally hate him but this is about kanyes words. Lets not persue a tangent
    do you have an opinion on the substance of what kanye was saying or do you have some critiques about his pronunciation

    Uhh also let me point out that if anyone cared enough about the people of new orleans too donate money and they had half a consience the statement by kanye would in no way deter them from donating to the cause. If babies were dying somewhere and a klu klux clan member was promoting a pledge drive, the babies would still die at the same rate and I’d still be obligated to make a diffference. I really cant stand it when racists strike back by solidifying their own self consciousness and calling other people racists.

    If this is incohrent, my bad my emotions are up a little but If you feel what im saying, a nod to yourself is all I need

  36. Don’t speak Ron. Since when can’t I state MY opinions on MY personal blog? Yay, you went to Harvard, good for you. Would you like a fuckin cookie?

  37. my opinion on what Kanye said is that he has every right to think, believe, and say what he feels in his heart, but I don’t think he chose the right time to express that. His obligation was to ask people to donate money to the Red Cross relief fund, and he didn’t ever ask people to donate. GRANTED, you are correct people would still donate money, and hearing these things wouldn’t make them suddenly not want to donate money anymore (as I may have accidentally implied was my opinion,) Kanye himself never asked people to donate money like he was supposed to. If he wants people to know how he feels about this then he should find a different venue for him to do so, his best bet being the music he makes. the red cross relief telethon was not the place to do this. thats how I feel about what Kanye did.

  38. Damn it, I read a blog today authored by a guy that works for the Red Cross. He’s one of the people that answer the phones to take donations. He stated on his blog that he had to tell at least 70 people that what Kanye said didn’t reflect the views of the American Red Cross. He even claimed that a few people told him they were no longer going to donate because of Kanye’s statements.

    I’ll see if I can’t find that blog before tomorrow…

  39. sry I was a bit confrontational earlier Armani. I respect your opinion, but to a certain degree could you try to put yourself in kanye’s shoes suspending your
    racial and economic differences . Imagine If many people with whom you identify with were put at affect of an already mindboggling catastrophe and the response was slow from a government who has been shown to cater to those in a different ethnic as well as socioeconomic bracket, would you not at least have some deep exasperation in, the fact that the government didn’t jump to aid. As it jumps to many other, all be it important, but less immediately tangible issues, terrorism for example. Im not trying to sway you just give me an honest answer. Would your exasperation be enough to speak out. Not necessarily in this way but would you feel obligated to see this brought to light.

  40. that is my problem with it as well.

    Kanye West, being a noted celebrity, was asked to come on this telethon to give it publicity and help it raise funds, not to push his own views on the matter. with his fame, and with his money, he had various other venues at his disposal to say what he said, but instead he decided to make a relief charity telethon his personal stage. which is wrong.

    I dont mind people who hate Bush, you/they are entitled to their opinion. I personally didn’t vote this last election, but if I would have, it probably would have been for bush rather than his medal-burning, military-downing competitor. not because I agree with bush, but because I wouldnt be able to stand seeing the other ass hole in the whitehouse.

    Now, this whole racism, “whitey’s out to get me” attitude needs to end. unless you were alive during the time of slavery, you have no right to ask for the reparations that were promised to your ancestors. get it, promised to your ancestors… NOT YOU! and some of the people bitching are doing so just because of the fact they are black, not because their past relatives may or may not have been slaves. to put it in general terms; just because my uncle was promised a raise at his job, and never received it, does not mean that I should get his raise.

    I am a 22 year old black male, I grew up in southern mississippi in a very poor family from a poor neighborhood, I now live in Alaska, own my own boarding shop, and am fairly well off.

    I wasn’t given any helping hands to get where I am today, and while im not trying to brag, or showcase my new-found wealth, i’m saying that it doesn’t take complaining to make it in life, it takes sweat, it takes determination, and it takes a goal.

    You are always going to hear the lowest 10pct loudest, those that just sit on their ass and expect it to be handed from them. you rarely get to see people like me talk about this, because we’re too busy doing something with our damn lives….

    you just happened to catch me on my day off 😉

  41. Wow. I mean really, wow. First off I read all the comments, majority of them anyways. The problem is for the most part we either:

    1. Do not understand or respect each other.
    2. Repeat no.1.

    Kanye, in his heart said what he felt. For the most part George Bush does not care about black people, that is a true statement, which cannot be denied or disputed. Even moreso, he does not care about POOR people. No color involved. So, in essence while Kanye may have been “out of place” in his method, (he picked wrong place to express himself, wrong time) it holds true. Kanye talks about upliftment, changing your life, about correcting wrong-doing in his music. How PEOPLE are treated unfairly, should rise up. Not just white, black, but all people that are under misfortune. All to often however, in society blacks are always the first to be invalidated, treated unjust, and most will just say oh he or she has a attitude problem, or crazy black people when we object to being treated badly.

    In Katrina, yes they responed poorly. We can argue the point back and forth all we want. Bush admitted he sucked in his response. FEMA failed. The Government failed. Those people needed help, many got it too late, many are still not getting it. In many cases all were treated unfairly there. Not just black.

    Bottom line, I agree with Josh above. I am a black business owner, college grad, and I worked for what I have. I do not complain about whites, etc. Guess what, I have several white clients. What really works in life is persistance. Due dilligence. Education and upliftment. NOT EXCUSES. NOT BITCHIN. I am so tired of hearing it, get to work and see what YOU can do to help. I have no problem with people, but I do hate racism. Damn I want to kill it. Anyway, I have to get back to WORK. C’est La Vie!

  42. Damn fine point Ben.

    I can’t believe I actually read ever single comment……fuck, well I’m watching tv too.
    It was pretty entertaining, i have to say.

    hmmmmm I think Bush is just a fuck up in general…….I might be too late in expressing my veiws. I showed up late to the party (i was looking for the kanye video of him talking shit about bush cuz i never saw it, and ended up finding this lil debate)

    Well I really don’t know why a gov with the resources we have (well we r led by BUsh so that might just counter it all) can’t find some fucker named Osama bin laden. How much cash did we waste in this lil “search”, and also how much r we fuckin wasting “liberating” the Iraqies. Just one fuck up after another. He is just doing shit with our billions of dollars that none of us care for. He could be using that money to help the fucked up schools in LA ( which i am currently attending) or use just a portion of that money for something to help us, the people of the united states. Instead of wasting it to randomly bomb fuckers with headdresses. He’s a cowboy that doesn’t know much about anything….including being a cowboy.

    Also, the attacks on the twin towers could have been, not prevented, but limited. When the twin towers were attacked by the first plane, it was a few hours after that the second plane hit. Bush could have sent some fighter jets to shoot any plane down that came close to the towers…..after the first plane hit.

    We need a new fucking leader that isn’t a wild cannon blowing billions of dollars on fighting “evil”. We should leave him to fight “evil”, in the prescense of an xbox or ps2. Something not too complex for him, Nor something that will affect the lives of actual people……

    Instead of handing over the reins of the most powerful nation in the world to some irrational idiot.

    Kanye is not without his fuck ups. I agree that it was not the time and place for his typa shit. But this “shit” had to be brought to the public, but I guess he just wanted to reach a bigger audience. An audience that does not generally listen to rap music n shit…..people that r left in the ignorance of this “shit”. Kanye is a hot headed mofo……but hey we owe some black people, some centuries ago 40 acres, and a mule (the mule is essential in this deal, how would he transport himself nowadays). So he can say whatever the fuck he wants.

    I guess Bush can’t be entirely blamed for all of the Katrina shit….but hiring some incompetent frat buddy(or whatever relation that fuck up had with Bush) to run the entire safety welfare of the nation. WTfin bs?

    Everyone is a fuck up, but they should be a given a second chance….not an infinith chance, as we have with Bush.

    Well all of this has been talked to death. I just thought I’d leave a lil something behind.

    Oh and Ron I want to hear back from you fagotass. You offered nothing but your own opinions with no basis, then expected us to follow your ideas, like trained dogs, because you graduated from harvard or some shit. So you had no life and sucked teachers dicks for good grades…..yay now we should obey the laws granted by thee. Fuck you. Hhaha.

    See ya all later. good points made by alotta people. Hopefully this world is left a little less fucked up. Im outiezz.


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