K2 Release Candidate 6

K2 Release Candidate 6 has been released. This release of K2 is fully compatible with WordPress 2.5.

I will be using K2 release candidate 6 as a base for Unwakeable 1.5. You can expect to see the release of Unwakeable 1.5 later on this week. You can download it from the official Unwakeable page.

Head on over to the K2 release candidate 6 announcement post for more details on the latest K2.


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9 thoughts on “K2 Release Candidate 6

  1. Hey there, would you know by any chance, if I modified the previous K2 version and decided to use SVN that there’d be some conflict, like it being unable to merge? Have you tried that before? I’m having issues trying to use TortoiseSVN on Vista to begin with so I couldn’t try this solution. What if you’ve modified portions of your K2 files, how are you able to upgrade?

    Posting on the K2 forums is almost always useless as the site is virtually inactive 🙁 Thanks and more power to the site!

  2. hi Paul, I’ve never really messed with merging before, so I can’t give you much advice. I typically just download the latest K2 revision and start from scratch there.

    Unwakeable 1.5 should be out this weekend.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply! Great to here that, waiting anxiously for your post. To bad we’re not in the same timezone… 😉

  4. Nah, I’m not running it. I was working on 2.0 a LONG time ago before I scrapped it while waiting on a stable release from the K2 folks. I had most of 2.0 put together and started running it here @ longren.org.

    Unwakeable 1.5 is much better than this. If you’re interested, head over to dev.longren.org to get a feel for Unwakeable 1.5 in its default state.


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