K2 Release Candidate 5

K2 release candidate 3 was released a little over four months ago. Today, as I was going through all my feeds, I saw there were some commits to the K2 SVN. The log for one of the commits stated that the version for K2 has been bumped up to release candidate 5. Here’s a piece from the commit:

Author: Heilemann
Date: Mon Feb 25 22:57:53 2008
New Revision: 636


Upped version to RC5. Preparing release.

This is rather exciting for me, especially the “preparing release” portion of that. I’m hoping “preparing release” means they’re getting ready to drop K2 1.0 as opposed to getting ready to release a download for K2 release candidate 5. As you probably know, Unwakeable is based on K2. Once K2 1.0 is out, I’ll start building Unwakeable 2.0.


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2 thoughts on “K2 Release Candidate 5

  1. Yeah I noticed this today as well, hopefully it means 1.0 will be released soon…although I wouldn’t mind betting they leave it until after WP2.5 is released on March 10th.


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