K2 1.0-RC8

K2 1.0-RC8 has been released. It has support for threaded comments and child themes. You can also edit the post meta without having to modify any code now. A list of bug fixes can be found here, and below is the full post from the K2 blog:

This release adds support for Threaded Comments and Child Themes. Styles have been improved. You can specify where Styles are stored at, activate multiple styles, and edit them in the WordPress Theme Editor. You can also now customize the Post Meta (the line that reads Published by John Doe…) without having to edit any code.

I plan on building the next version of Unwakeable in the next couple weeks and will likely base it off of K2 1.0-RC8.

  • Is it at all possible that you could make an Unwakeable ‘Child Theme’ for K2?

    • I’ll look into that Eric. Not sure how far I’ll get though, my free time to work on these projects has been greatly diminished over the past few months.

  • Eric Nemchik

    Awesome, I hope it works out, I think it’d be much easier to maintain as a child theme