Jennifer Wilbanks: Blog Martyr

Saw this by way of Search Views:

Hang her up by her white satin heels? Make her reimburse the bridesmaids for making them buy those awful dresses? There are quite a few creative punishments you could think of for Jennifer Wilbanks, the runaway bride who faked her own kidnapping to wiggle her way out of her “I Do’s”.

The very least of which is the online flogging she’s receiving on the Atlanta Journal Constitution ‘Talk of the Town‘ blog, where she’s being raked over the comment coals.

Already 250+ reponses deep, users are chiming in with such gems as this one, reacting to Wilbanks supporters who claim that her actions should be excused because she was under severe stress:

“Stressful is not having the money to feed your children, not deciding what to feed your 600 wedding guests…give me a break.”

As someone who’s sat next to many a bride-to-be in a cube environment, I have to agree. Hearing someone talk about centerpieces and catering choices as if they affected the fate of the Western world gets old…quick.

The huge user response to this issue, and the way the blog is leveraging it, is certainly a point scored for the newspaper biz in terms of pageviews and user stick.

That’s pretty funny. I love the fact that nobody is really feeling sorry for her or anything. She shouldn’t be felt sorry for. I sure do hope her feelings aren’t hurt easily…


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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Wilbanks: Blog Martyr

  1. To the church in Duluth Peachtree Whatever……These morons have been living together for years out of wedlock!!!…..And the groom is a Sunday School Teacher….HELLO!!!!


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