Jeet: A CSS Grid System for Humans

Jeet can do things other grids can’t, and it’s a CSS Grid System for Humans

I haven’t actually used Jeet yet, but am going to be giving it quick run on CodePen later on today. Here’s the Jeet description, from their homepage, which is hosted on GitHub Pages, I believe.

We still build things the way machines read them – not the way we intuit them. Jeet allows you to express your page grid the same way a human would describe it. No more needlessly nesting elements. No more rigid twelve column rules. Enjoy building faster with less code, and more flexibility with Jeet.

There’s no license defined for Jeet, at least not one that I could find after searching their website and their GitHub repository.

There’s also a really nice presentation of what sets Jeet apart from other grid systems. It’s short and definitely worth the watch.

Getting started using Jeet is pretty easy for most people, you can use SCSS (via Ruby) on Windows, and MacOS/Linux platforms. Or you can use Stylus if you have nodejs installed. A screenshot is below of the installation instructions.

Jeet also provides some short screencasts that are meant to be easily digestible and easier to remember and understand. The video are all hosted on YouTube but a screenshot of the section from their site is below.

Anyway, you should check Jeet out for your next project requiring a CSS grid. It’s super easy to start using, I especially liked their note on easy integration:

Jeet can work in any environment’s pipeline whether it be a static site in SCSS, a Node package in Stylus, or as a Rails application. Anywhere Stylus or SCSS work, Jeet will work. It’s that simple.

I like what I’ve seen of Jeet so far, and I think you will, too! If the test goes well and I like it as I expect I will, I’ll probably use it for an upcoming project that is essentially a CSS grid of photos. Since there’s multiple screenshots in this post, a gallery of them all is below.


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