It’s About Damn Time!

Google is finally indexing the domain. I think it took right about 6 months for to start showing up in regular Google search results. Now maybe I’ll get more referrals from people searching google rather than just people searching google blogsearch.

The domain has a pagerank of 5. When I was at my old URL I had a PR of 3 I believe.

I had a lot more to do this weekend than I originally thought. After we got back from Cedar Rapids on Saturday, I came into work for about 3 hours. Then Ashley and I went to see The Nadas at Peoples Bar in Ames. Amber, Ashleys sister wanted to take her to that as a little birthday gift. Katie, one of their friends ended up getting an OWI, went to jail and doesn’t have a license anymore. I kinda felt bad, but not really.

And most of yesterday was spent playing Tiger Woods 2006. It’s wicked fun, my favorite one of em all so far. JV bought it Friday and brought it over yesterday. Now that I think about it, he may have forgotten it in my Xbox, so I may have something to look forward to when I get home this evening.


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